Mrs. Beasley My Childhood Pal

Mrs. Beasley and I
Our Facebook page seems to really love Mrs. Beasley from the television show Family Affair.   I personally carried Mrs. Beasley around most of my childhood. My mom had to sew her arms back on several times because I would walk around with her as if she were my nanny.  I adored Mrs. Beasley, she was the best doll in the world, in my opinion. :)

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Sheet Pan Suppers and A Challenge

Sheet Pan Suppers: 120 Recipes for Simple, Surprising, Hands-Off Meals Straight from the Oven

I am loving my new cookbook addition for recipes and for triggering new simple meal ideas.  Sheet Pan Suppers: 120 Recipes for Simple, Surprising, Hands-Off Meals Straight from the Oven has so many yummy recipes that only require a few ingredients and a sheet pan!

This book is filled with recipes from snacks to full dinners all on one pan!  The photos are gorgeous which is usually all the encouragement I need to try a new recipe book.

I will be sharing a few recipes for one pan suppers in the next couple of weeks, but for now take a glimpse at the book on Amazon if you are curious!

Simple Daily Challenge:  Write up a list of simple meal plans that can be cooked for suppers that you can do even on the most difficult days.   If you can freeze the leftovers in theses recipes that would be a major plus!

Keep your list handy in print, on your computer and in a planner with the recipes attached.

Have a rocking day!



Optimistic Monday

serenity- John List Jr. August Burning

Hooray for Monday!  Why, you ask? ( Thinking this chick is as crazy as the day is long, for crying out loud, it is Monday!)

Because sometimes Monday can actually be the most peaceful day of the week.  I mean we are just getting started, the to-do list is fresh off the press and there is a real sense of optimism. 

Now let’s jump start this week with a 5 minute power walk or 5 minutes of meditation and then let’s do that 100 pick-up with a smile on our lips and a song in our heart.

The 100 pick-up has really kept a sense of peace in my home.  However, it works really well if I choose one room to focus on each time I begin because that room gets my undivided attention once every other month or so.

No of course my house is not perfect, but with regular pick-ups it is absolutely livable.

Simple Daily Challenge for busy moms and any kind of busy homemakers is as follows:  100 pick-up and a 5 minute power walk or 5 minutes of mediation, whichever suits you best.