Organize Your Life – 99¢ Kindle Book

Organize Your Life – How To Organize Your Days and Finally Get The Life You Want To Live (Organize Yourself, Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Office)

Not sure how long it will be at such a great price!  But right now it is only 99 cents!

This book will help you learn about the #1 foundation for a productive, healthy and fulfilled day. It is not a long read, so you will finish and reap the results very quickly!


I love a bargain!

The Homework Tool Box – Organize School Supplies

School Supplies tool box


If you have a little procrastinating, Minecraft loving, person in your house then you might understand how important it is to have school supplies on hand for after school homework time.

When my son gets up to sharpen a pencil or look for a piece of scratch paper it can sometime take 5 minutes before he gets settled in and back to the business of homework.

Enter the Home Work Tool Box

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Take Two in the Kitchen – Icky Food Toss

This week we are hanging out in the kitchen.  I love a tidy kitchen.  I may not always have a tidy kitchen, but the spirit of the tidy kitchen is always present some place in its vast array of drawers and cabinets.

I try to keep at least one shelf or drawer organized at all times.  My dream is to have the whole thing organized all the time, but that would mean living alone.  I live with scatterers, men who scatter stuff everywhere.  So my dream of an organized kitchen remains as such until I come up with some kind of miracle labels that will encourage those boys to put stuff away.

What does your dream kitchen look like?

I know mine would have beautiful, crisp, white cabinets. It is just a wishing dream, but heck a girl can wish right?


My other dream is to keep moldy, icky stuff out of the fridge. They are down right spooky!


Simple Daily Challenge:  Discard all expired food and beverages and anything else that looks a little creep from the refrigerator and pantry.  This should take around 2 minutes.