How To Speed Clean Your Home For Easter and Spring Break

Clean for Easter

Spring is here and Spring break starts on Saturday for my little guy.  So today I am zipping around putting things away and cleaning so that our Spring Break can be filled with fun outdoor outings and family time!  Here is my method of speed cleaning and I invite you to clean along with me today to give our home a quick Spring boost. [Continue reading…]

Link It Monday – Round 6 with Clutter Club

Linkitmondaywithsunglasses roll 2

Happy Monday! You know what Monday means – a little link-up party and
we are adding back our 100 club because several folks have asked for it to come back and I this blog is to help homemaking be a little more fun so away we go!

Here is our featured link-up blogger from last week.

Be Up Less with the Baby

Julie shares her family’s method on being up less at night with babies.  I an remember the first time my youngest child slept a litte in the night. It was like a gift from heaven, more sleep, meant me as a more SANE mom.

Click Here to read Julie’s Post. 



100 Club- So Much Fun The Monkees Will Sing!

Here is a little musical boost for our 100 club today!  You have to be a believer to get your house tidied up!


It is Monday! Which means we are paying our 100 club dues. So grab that trash bag and clutter box and turn on some music.  Put away, donate or trash 100 items and if your children are home today have them jump in and put away as many toys as they can during perhaps one song on a CD or  this groovy Monkees’ tune..  Just tell them that Legos and Barbie Shoes count and they will probably beat you to the finish line!

The 100 club is not just for moms, it’s for the whole family!

Link It Monday!

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Bloggers here are the rules, so simple, but necessary! 

You can link up as many as three posts! Woot!

    • Family friendly posts only. Please link to the post directly! 
    • Stop by a few other links ( At least two) , check them out and be generous with a kind comment or a simple nice to meet you.
    • By linking up, you are giving permission to use your images with a link back to your site.
    • A few posts the following week will be feature posts, so the more the merrier, folks.  :)
    • Techie tips are welcome, I collect blogging and media articles like most women collect shoes.  Would love to feature a techie lineup once a month and this is a great way to find new and fresh material to read about.
    • I use music in several of the daily challenge posts. If you share a song that is motivational I will feature it in a post and of course link back to your post!  Music really does help with household duties!

Don’t forget to follow the guidlines! Family Friendly Post only and visit three links before yours as a thank you to the host. Rock- Your – Monday!

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Busy Mom, Busy Life, Getting Real Tidying Up the Laundry Room

Laundry Room Tidy

Welcome Tidy Team! Here is the newest post on Busy Mom, Busy Life, Getting Real Tidying Up!

Messy Laundry Room

So this happened in my crazy busy life. It is a mix of me not putting things away, my laundry machine husband not knowing where the dish towels go in the kitchen, and random items that cannot seem to find a home. Result, depressing clutter. The Fix!  Two simple 5 minute timer sessions.  Let’s take a look.

Almost Tidy Laundry Room

The first five-minute session was simply putting items away and organizing a shelf so that the extra trash bags would have a home.

Tidy Laundry Room

The second session was putting my junk away. Yep, I claim the rest as stuff that needed to be line-dried and a pot that apparently wanted to nest in the laundry but was put back into the large kitchen tool closet. (I am a kitchen collector, so the coat closet is a kitchen closet.)

I am loving this tidy space!

Simple Daily Challenge : Tidy your laundry area for 5 simple minutes!  You will be amazed what you can accomplish in five simple minutes.

Busy Mom Busy Life