Tidy Dash Tuesday


Simple Daily Challenge For Busy Moms and Busy People To Help Get Things Tidy!

Today we are dashing around the house with simple Two-Minute Tidy Dashes.  These are perfect for new moms, crazy busy moms, dads who want to impress their partners with their MAD housekeeping skills and anyone he just needs a bit of order in the chaos of a busy home.

We are starting off we five today and will add 10 next week!

Each item on the list should take two-minutes or less:

1. Take out the trash

2. Put away clutter on the kitchen table for then next meal time!

3. Put away all items around a bathroom sink.

4. Hunt down stray socks and shoes and put them in a bin, box or laundry basket.  Have the OWNERS (aka spouse and kids) put them away when they get home.

5. Put away all stray items on your desk or dresser.

These are simple tasks that when added up make a big difference. Remember less clutter=less stress.

Have a dashing day!


100 Club – Because Clutter Causes Stress

100 Clutter Club - Clutter Cannot Win


“When you can’t find things, you can feel frustrated, angry, and unproductive”, says Kelli Ellis, an Orange County, Calif.

When I found this article on WebMD, I kept shaking my head in agreement as I read this article  because it is so true. You cannot find things when they are not organized and your most certainly cannot find things if they are sitting amongst pounds and pounds of stuff/clutter.

Read the article here: Clear the Clutter Out of Your Life

That is why I am so in love with Mondays now. I keep those 10 minutes of clutter busting clear every single week come rain or come shine. I am astounded the difference such a little time and effort make in the every raging battle of clutter in a busy family’s life.


It is Monday! Which means we are paying our 100 club dues. So grab that trash bag and clutter box and turn on some music.  Put away, donate or trash 100 items and if your children are home today have them jump in and put away as many toys as they can during perhaps one song on a CD.  Just tell them that Legos and Barbie Shoes count and they will probably beat you to the finish line!

The 100 club is not just for moms, it’s for the whole family!

Friday Five – Work, Laugh, Play, Rinse, Repeat

Organzie your desk for Monday

1. Check out the Friday Friendly Five end of workweek checklist to start your weekend off right!
You can find it by clicking  here. Friday Friendly Five. 


moms night out

2. Moms Night Out

My top suggestion for a Mom-Break this weekend is purchase this hilarious film, grab some healthy snacks and one fun cheat snack, put on something comfy and enjoy!

The story is simple enough, mom needs a break, plans a date with her gal pals, puts the men in charge…… mayhem, laughter and tears plus some heartfelt moments that will make you want to call your MOM!  This movie is fine for the whole family, which is a plus in this day and age.


3. Hands down the silliest thing I have read all week was this blog post about Pinterest Perfect Lunches…. :)  You know where this is going folks.  I shared it on Facebook but wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to read it.  It is so funny, but does have some colorful langauge, so you are pre-warned.  ->> “Holy Crap I Suck At Making School Lunches” from the most frightfully hilarious blog Baby Sideburns.

4. I am also inviting everyone to visit our Halloween 2014 Pinterest board,  remember use Pinterest to motivate and inspire what you do best, not to make you feel as if you are not dong enough! Simple is best and decorating for Halloween with a simple approach is best!

Follow Pamela’s board Halloween 2014 Idea, Crafts, Food, Costumes on Pinterest.


5. My New Favorite Sandal!

I broke my toe recently and had to find a perfect sandal that was comfortable and would not touch my toes and was lucky to find these.  They are perfect for your pedicure appointment days!

Skechers Women’s Reggae-Ziggy Thong Sandal 47788 – comes in several colors and varieties on Amazon!


And that is a wrap for the Friday Five!