Day Four of the Great Outdoors


There is nothing in the world more peaceful than sitting at the kitchen table looking out the window to the best view that you can possibly create.  I have been mighty relaxed in this department and hope to remedy my view in the next couple of weeks.  This picture represents something I could achieve without too many tears and fears. It is tidy with a couple of low maintenance plants and that is all you really need. [Continue reading...]

The Great Outdoors Day Three – What Color is your Thumb?


It is Day Three of the Great Outdoors


Get out your gardening gloves because we are going to hang out with the green stuff today.

I really feel with the way the food industry is almost completely industrialized it is important for everyone to learn a little bit about growing things.
If you have a working and well-practiced green thumb and are growing you own food and flowers I would love to link up a post with your garden and read about your successes. [Continue reading...]

Whistles and Laughter Bring Parents Joy

Whistle and Laughter

Nothing gives a parent more joy than the sound of their children whistling while they work and laughing when they play.


I had to share that I was working this morning and could hear my son whistling while writing  working in  his cursive wiriting skills book. School starts tomorrow and I can’t help but feel a tug at my heart and tears surfacing. I am one of those weird parents that actually do not do the happy dance when school starts. I like having my goof ball kid around the house making noise and asking questions. I have to admit I love a break now and then, but overall this summer has been awesome!



early october 2005 104

Of course I had to share an adorabe toddler photo. :)