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My one goal as a mom is to have peaceful mornings. I have many accomplishments in this goal and many failures.

I have accomplished no fuss meals in the mornings and for lunch, clothes ready for the week, clutter control (well, sort of) and a little bit of mom power walking to get my day going.

The one thing that pulls on the fishing line every day is my kitchen. No matter what I do at night to tidy that monster seems to be messy the next day.

Here is a compact list of items I find sitting around when I wake-up in the morning.

  1. Empty cereal bowl complete with sticky spoon and random stuck cereal on the side of the bowl.
  2. Empty microwave popcorn bag and the empty bowl that held the popped corn.
  3. Diet soda cans and water  bottles
  4. String cheese wrappers
  5. Random apple cores

 Sometimes there are Ramen noodles wrappers and pots from the cooking.

 Now, notice I am not calling out names because there will usually be a wine glass and a cork on the counter as well. I know, I know, shame on me.

So, here is my big plan to get my morning a bit more magical and we will see in the next few days if its a keeper.

  1. Empty the dishwasher before bed.
  2. Place a cute little Post It note for my family to remind them that we do own a trash can and a dishwasher. 
  3. Clean the kitchen sink and wipe down the counters. 
  4. Declutter as much as I can from the counters to give my family the Zen feeling and hope they will want a little Zen in the kitchen as well.

I hope this works. It is not much fun to get up to the mess and try to make LIttle Guy’s breakfast and lunch in chaos. I am not a fan of chaos and I am a big fan of peaceful magical mornings.


Simple Daily Challenge: Spend 5 minutes tidying the kitchen and help it reach its Zen shine potential.

Question: How do you deal with your family’s need to clutter up the kitchen at night?


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    Another great post! Our kitchen seems to be a late night catch all also. No matter how clean we get it after dinner it still seems to be horrible the next morning. The only real problem is the baby is only 2 months old so I can’t really blame him yet… So I guess that means only my wife and I are to blame. Perhaps we will try your suggestion of putting the clean dishes away right before bed and straitening up a bit. It might make the morning a bit more pleasant….
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    I’m right there with you. Believe it or not, this is was a daily challenge for my family. The kids get so involved in what their doing by the time they have to start getting ready for bed they leave a lot in the living room from the day. Of course, there are times where my husband and I leave glasses on the counter too. We don’t have a dishwasher, everything is done by hand, so to make it a bit easier on all of us, I use a system where I list daily tasks checklist that have to be done each day and post it on the fridge for everyone to see. I separate it by Morning and Evening. This is a reminder to all of us and helps a lot.
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