Momma’s Confession and Spring Cleaning the Kitchen Drawers

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 16

We are hanging out in the kitchen!

What a busy weekend, I hope everyone was able to do a little bit of this and that to keep  our clutter in the gutter.  ( I only said this because it rhymed, please don’t throw you clutter in the gutter.)

Confession:  I woke up Saturday morning to discover that someone ( I am not going to call out names) left a big pile of bed sheets and clean hand towels  stacked on my brand new shiny clean flat surface in the laundry room.
To say I was perturbed is an understatement. I mean, doesn’t everyone in the house know I am Spring Cleaning!  I went in to my office and shut the door with a bang. I proceeded to decorate the walls with some not-so-momma-like words.  Once I calmed down I made my coffee, drank it and then took some time to put the items away.

You see, I had to ask myself, Do my family members know where to put all this stuff? I mean I have moved some things around and I am trying to believe that they would not purposely sabotage my beautifully cleaned surface in the laundry room.  Would they?

So this week, as I clean, declutter and organize I am going to label when I can and at least give my husband and oldest son a fighting chance to stay in my good graces by telling them where items belong.

Before the Challenge: Please embark on a 52 pick-up in the areas we have already covered, the family room and the laundry area.


Today’s Challenge: Kitchen drawers


  1. Remove all items from a kitchen drawer.
  2. Toss or donate what you no longer need. Do not let a silly item take up precious real estate in your kitchen.
  3. Clean the drawer with the cleaner of your choice and dry thoroughly.
  4. Replace items in a neat and orderly fashion.
  5. Repeat this process as time allows. Not to worry if you do not finish because we will also do this a bit tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!

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