Please Don’t Look In The Closet

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 6

There is nothing in this world that shames me more than my closets. I can have company over pretty much anytime without being too embarrassed as long as I lock my office door (its a mess that I fight daily) and pray that no one will open a closet.

So, for the past few days I decided to leave the entryway coat closet door open as a reminder that we are in the midst of a Spring Cleaning Challenge. And for the three of the five days we have been cleaning I have also added five minutes of clutter busting to that big, fat, ugly mess.

What Closet Drives You Bonkers?


This weekend our Busiest Moms in the World Spring Cleaning Challenge is to clear out and clean the hall closet or the one area in the house that really drives you bonkers.

Never fear, if you do not finish up this weekend then just do what I did, every day for 2 to 5 minutes pick out a couple of items that you think you may not need anymore and put it in a donation bag. If you need it then try to place it with another like item, for example: coats with coats and board games with board games. You can also decide if  items actually belong in the hall closet and if they do, then how can you arrange items to look more pleasing to the eye. Why make it look pretty? Well, why not? If we are clearing and cleaning we may as well give it a little love so when we do open that closet door it will make us smile, not frown.

I am going to post my closet mini-makeover bright and early Monday morning just to keep me honest and on task. I am actually pretty excited with what I have done so far: Donated all the games the family has grown bored with or never like in the first place and several out grown coats and a few ridiculous hats that I hope the boys will not miss.

*note: when I use the term mini-makeover it simply means I am promising myself not to spend even a nickel on any organizational box or doodad until I have fully decluttered to the best of my ability.


Just the Facts Momma:


Organize, declutter and clean your hall closet or another space that drives you bonkers.


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    My closet tops the list for our spring cleaning but first I have to build it. I’m using reclaimed cedar I salvaged from a store front display. We really need the closet space and this will be our only walk-in.
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