Its Clutter Rev-Solution Countdown Day 9



I am hopping on the truth train this morning.  I am showing my dining room in a post-holiday state that is really kind of embarrassing.  I am just so eternally busy with work, my family, church and life in general that getting things rearranged, decluttered and stored has just been impossible.

So without beating around the bush here it is literally about five minutes ago.  These photos were taken on this cool rainy Southern California day with a Sony Camera  by a real-life super busy mom.  And if I cannot be true to myself on this blog, then really what is the point of a blog in the first place.


(This photo is the proof that one can never have too much flatware- unless of course you have no place to store that flatware.)



( There are many Christmas dishes in this cabinet that really need to be stored in the attic- which I plan to do as soon as possible)



(This is an excellent example of wasted space and odds and ends.)



But this is not the end of this sad story of clutter and mayhem.  Tomorrow bright and early I will post the results.  Each utensil will be stored and if time allows labeled and put away until the next dinner party.  I will find a spot for my trash bags because some wise  guy put tortilla chips in their spot in the laundry room!  I will have a nice tidy, unused dining space… just like my momma and her momma before.


Simple Daily Challenge: Spend 10 minutes gathering and getting rid of clutter in the dining area or wherever you enjoy a meal with your family.  Remember- Less Clutter =More Family Time!


Happy Clutter Fighting you awesome warriors!




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