Its Free Falling Fun In A Sea of Lego Hell




Its A  Clutter Rev-Solution Countdown Day 4- Free Falling Fun in a Sea of Lego Hell

*notice that Strong Powerful Mommy Notes are in RED today.

I am still banishing clutter from my home as fast as I can a I only have 4 more days until I have reached February 1.  I am zipping along with my donation boxes and trash bags and have now reached the upstairs play area.  This zone is a made house of items my oldest left behind when he moved into his apartment, stuff my youngest has outgrown, books that need to be stored for my future grandchildren and lots and lots of Legos.

I am not found of the Legos, but boy is my youngest fond of those nasty little square devils.  


So today, in between my work, homework time and burning practice CDs for choir I am going to grab a big fat mug of tea and see what I can do in the vast room we call the play room.  But, honestly its a Free Falling Room of Mystery and Memories of everything and I honestly have no idea what I will find or how I will deal with it when I do find it.

I of course will wear my hiking boots, as the minute I enter the room I will walking on a Sea of Lego Hell.  And if those little square devils try to get funny with my, I will just grab my Shop Vac  and zap them into Lego Eternity.



Simple Daily Challenge: Find your free falling memory and mystery room and tackle it with reckless abandon until you have freed it of all clutter.


  1. christine says

    So you took my advice using a shop vac , see I told you it would suck them up, now you’re ready to suck up everything else lol !, have fun sucking up action figures, ,hotwheels, with ease x

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