Keeping Up Your Momma Groove Takes A Tidy Space


It is  office day at Momma Can.  What does this mean?

It means to really get and stay in or Momma Groove we need a tidy space.

It means that we are hanging out for a few minutes today in the place where we push paper, get creative, pay bills  or hide from our children.  (just kidding about the last one, well sort of)



Source: via Thiago on Pinterest


Home Office

Desk in You Bedroom

Corner on the Couch

Giant Home Organizing Notebook

Craft Room

Music Studio

Some may call these extra rooms, but if I have a room that helps to  keep me motivated, productive and creative then its important to keep it tidy and clean and I call it an office.

Some folks call their bathroom, their office.  And I am sure the time they spend there is very creative.

When  I was a younger mom, the bathroom was my only office.  I am a reader and had stacks and stacks of books in all the corners.  My office time was “my time” to reboot before I walked back into the chaos of my bundle of joy. You know the bundle that could manage to climb up and get into the top kitchen cabinet in about 10 seconds flat.

It does not matter where or what you call your office, just spend some time getting it organized today.




Simple Daily Challenge: Pick the room, area, or the Giant Notebook of Everything and tidy, clean and organize for 10 minutes or more if you have time.

I personally am dusting and cleaning floors today.  There are some pretty spooky Dust Monkey Trolls on the floor and I need to get rid of them.

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