Lego Revenge

 Every mom needs a little Lego revenge. 

I can remember the first time I stepped on a Lego. I spoke words that would make a sailor blush and a preacher run.  I am not proud of my response to that awful Lego pain but I will tell you it is one of the most painful experiences I have had to date.

You know those folks that have the courage to walk on a bed of glass or lie on a bed of nails? Yep, impressive right?  Have you every seen them walk on a bed of Legos?  Nope, and I know why, they are smarter than that. They know the only safe place for a Lego is tucked away in a box on the highest shelf of the closet.

Revenge- oh sweet revenge. 

When I bought my last vacuum the most important quality I was looking for was suction power. Why you ask? Legos, will it suck up Legos.

When I see that forgotten tiny Lego in the carpet I grabbed that trusty vacuum and see if it will suck it right up. Now, if it is a larger piece I will pick it up and throw it away.

I have rules in my house. If you leave a Lego on the floor it goes to that special storage space outside. The big green bin, I like to call the Mighty Lego Resting Place.  Other uses are every day trash and I like it for that as well.

Simple Daily Challenge: Grab your vacuum and vacuum the family room. If you happen upon one of those evil little blocks the choice is yours. Revenge or be an angel and put it back in the Lego bin.

Moms rock!

* This is a repost- I thought it fitting during this post-holiday season.


  1. christine says

    Shop vac baby ! or the mom vac as i call it , a nice big shop vac will suck up the legos in one swooop and any other toys not picked up , barbie , hotwheels, bratz, action figures schhhlloopph!

    • says

      haha, I love it. I never thought of using the shop vac. That would have been perfect for the jar of jelly beans Johnny dropped the other day.
      Thanks Christine, new tool in my mommy arsenal.
      momma recently posted..Take A Peek In Momma’s Drawers

  2. says

    Ow, oh how I remember the stepping on Legos days! Those little things hurt disproportionately to their size, don’t they? I do love the memories of Legos, even though they hurt.
    Pam recently posted..Nostalgia and a Picnik Alternative

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