Its A Clutter Rev-Solution Countdown Day 8 – Dining Room Results and New Challenge


I am absolutely thrilled with my results for the family dining room yesterday!   It took a little bit of time, but not nearly as much as I had anticipated.  These kinds of simple, but effective results are what keeps a busy mom motivated to create more peace,  control clutter and smile at the whole fixed clutter-free mess.

Take a look at the before and after photos of Clutter Rev-Solution Day 9

Ugh, what a frightful post- holiday mess.


Organized Dining Room


Hooray for a tidy dining room!  All the STUFF is organized, decluttered and put away.



This is not terrible, but Holiday- Christmas dishes were taking up so much space, which makes no sense because they are used once a year.  They are now being stored with the rest of the Christmas decorations.

Tidy Dining Room Storage

All I have to say is…. looks like momma can go shopping now!



This area just bugged me, but when an item has no specific home I tend to just toss it any place I can find.  The brass candle holder is only used for a Halloween display or sometimes Thanksgiving, it is very tall and vintage so candles that fit are hard to find.  This item will be stored in the attic with the fall decorations!

Dining Room Storage- Labeled Flatware


I am so happy I now have room for my ever growing flatware collection and odds and ends that I photograph on occasion. I love flatware almost as much as good chocolate and excellent cheese.

Organized Flatware


Here is a part of my flatware collection along with a box of serving pieces.  I would love to find plastic containers with covers that house the forks, spoons and knives in a separate slot, but have not found the right fit just yet.


Now onward clutter warriors and super busy moms!


Simple Daily Challenge:  We are hanging out in the living room, finishing up the dining room and perhaps a bit of the home office if there is a time.  Never fear, if you don’t have time to get to all the clutter it will still be waiting for you tomorrow!  But keep it simple, find the one spot in these areas and just work on refining, decluttering and organizing that spot.  I am pretty sur I am going for my office closet.  It may take a day or two, but I am one determined clutter-fighting momma.




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