Don’t Let Clutter Steal Your Energy- Organize This Month

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February is our month to organize.  Our areas of focus are simply the ones that we need to give attention that will have the most impact in the shortest amount of time.  This will hopefully give us a bit of momentum to have the courage to tackle even more areas throughout the year.

This week I am choosing the left side of my office closet.  Because it houses many art supplies and work supplies the door is open almost all the time.  And I truly feel it sucks the creative energy right out of my head just looking at it.


office closet

( I seriously should be wearing the cone of shame on the state of this closet, but like many of you I am a super busy working, volunteering, loving and caring overwhelmed mother.)


Simple Daily Challenge:  Choose the area or object that you would like to organize. I strongly suggest taking a photo to use as a reminder of where you started.  Ask yourself, how you want this area to function. For the remainder of the week remove unused items or trash and get rid of them either as donations or the garbage.  Organize the rest making sure like items are together and items that belong in another area are removed and taken to there correct home.  If you own a labeler, now is a great time to use it so that the things you do organize can find their way home after they are used.


Enjoy the journey!


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    Good luck on your closet. I am sure that it will turn out great! I am a busy mom too. As a matter of fact, I am currently hosting a mega-playdate with 6 kids – I only have 2 kids11 If you get a chance, check out my website. I post quite a few ideas regarding leading a more simplified lifestyle. Here is the link!

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