Harlequin Romances, Diamonds and Office Supplies

Wedding Flowergirl

Today is February 15, 2013.  It is a special day for me.  This was the day that my husband and I applied for our marriage license.  We applied for holy matrimony, southern style, in the small town of Marion, Arkansas.  It did not take long and they where the sweetest folks a couple in love could ever meet.

The funniest thing  I could remember of that experience was learning that the judge, an older lady of at least 80 was the wife of the late judge who regretfully had already joined the other past Arkansas judges in that big court house in the sky.  For more than 50 years they worked together marrying folks, running the local diamond and ring store, and several other shops along the old town’s small main road.

We received a free 25 minute lecture on how to spot a fake diamond and a couples gift bag. All couples who acquire a Arkansas marriage license in Marion receive a gift bag.  This bag was not filled your ordinary coupons and motel discounts, this bag was filled with Harlequin romances, snacks, hand cream and condoms.  I will never forget that gift bag as long as I live. 

And on this happy note:

Simple Daily Challenge:  It is Friday!  Tidy up your desk for 5 simple minutes.  Your desk will love you and you will be able to find your favorite pens and pencils again.  No desk?  No problem, tidy up the bathroom counter it tends to be just as messy as the kitchen counter on most days in momma’s house.

Have a rocking day,



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      Thank you Kiersten. And I am shopping tomorrow for those taco recipe ingredients. so excited.

      We are celebrating our anniversary in April with a stay-cation of golf, the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles and plenty of hunting down good Vegetarian Eateries in Los Angeles.

      momma recently posted..Home Office Closet Organized!

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