Organized Child’s Desk Before and After Shots

February is our month to declutter and organize.  I have finally finished the desk in my youngest son’s room.  The ever growing battle with Legos is going to have to be addressed very soon.  However, I am please with the results.   The only thing I purchased for this project were Velcro Sticky Strips…. which I totally love.



I simple could not start out with the before.  It was just so messy, lol.


messy desk before

Here is the before.  They big empty space that would house a computer looked sparse and there is no way my grade school child is having a computer in his room.   The after looks much better.


I really love the after the word art for my little rock star!

top of desk



My next organizing project for February is the Kitchen Pantry….. I am hoping a better organizing pantry will save me a few grocery bucks and make my mornings even a bit more magical.

Happy Organizing!


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