Organized Pantry- Before and After Shots Organized Pantry

February is organizing month on  I have been really moving along the past few days and finally “finished enough” my kitchen pantry.  I could have probably spent another week painting, labeling, spending hard earned bucks on matching boxes of cereal.  But  I thought, I am going to keep it real, otherwise it will not be used properly and I would be sharing with you a picture of fluff.  There is no fluff in my life,  I am much to musically inclined to spend time on fluff.

Kitchen pantry

Here is the before shot of the pantry. Its not terrible,
 but it is full of the SAD diet and I only use sugar at Christmas time.


The most important thing I learned while re-organizing my pantry is that you cannot put it off.  It is not a project that I could tackle in 5 or 10 minutes a day.  I had to block out a couple of hours to take everything out, clean, and organize.  When you are organizing in the kitchen you have to finish so that everyone can have breakfast in the morning!


Stuff Removed- Empty Kitchen Pantry

  This is everything I pulled out of the pantry to organize!


kitchen pantry

This what it look like before I added labels. Tidy, but not whimsical.

 At the last minute I decided to label a few things to help my family put things away in their proper place.  That took some time,  but it came out sort of whimsical and that is something I am trying to have more of in my life.

Organized Pantry

My next project is a day-planner for my third grader son to use at home.  This one at least can be done quickly and without tearing apart the kitchen.


I encourage you to choose something simple to organize and declutter.  I am amazed at how nice it is to finally have a permanent home for my  dry food items!

Happy Organizing You Rocking Moms! (and Dads)


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    You inspire me. I want to go home and empty my cabinets!

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