Take 5_ Tidy the Kitchen Pantry

Take a Moment and Mentally Hug  The Earth


I love nature.  Trees, running streams, clouds, rain, flowers, its all so wonderful and peaceful.

I do not love my kitchen pantry.  It is tall and deep and always messy.  You can’t have three men in the house without the pantry suffering “the pull it all out and stuff it back any way you can syndrome”.

I did finally get the top shelves organized.  I use Snapware in several sizes.  These are basically just plastic bins with nice snug tops.

However the bottom shelves are just scary.  I have spinning things, stacking things, and even a few clear shoe boxes to keep things tidy.  It just does not seem to work.

So my only answer is once every other week I do a quick pantry tidy.  If it looks abused I toss it in the trash.  If it belongs some place else ( hammers, socks, golf balls) I put it away.  I only do this for 5 minutes.  I do the best I can and then I just forget about it.

One day I will find the perfect way to organize that mess and then I will put a lock on the door.  But for now, the occasional 5 minute tidy works out just fine.

takefiveWorking at home makes every minute precious.  I would much rather deal with a slightly chaotic pantry than not have time to sit with my little guy and read and play games.

So, that is what I am doing tomorrow.  What can you do in 5 minutes?

February is our Organizing Month and I am just about finished with organizing my pantry. I mean like in the next 5 minutes, so I found this post and thought perfect!  A year ago I was working on the pantry and never felt satisfied.  Then I discovered chalk labels that a removable.  Hooray, I am finally happy with my pantry.  Look for the post today!