Simply Super Summer Tidy Clean Home- The Home Office or Extra Room

Simple lines and good lighting with lots of storage space.  I love this, but it honestly could use a pop of color.

Now we have a pop of color!

This has to be the best idea ever.  I detached office in a gorgeous setting.


This room rocks!  Great windows, cute curtains, pop of color on the rug, massive storage and work station for the crafter and his or her friends.

Super cute sewing room. Learning to sew pillows is a hobby on my mommy bucket list!

Now let’s get to work!

Do as many on the checklist as you can for 15 t0 30 minutes but you know the Momma Rule…. five minutes is better than zero minutes because even just five minutes will make great changes in our homes!

This is the last day of the Simply Super Summer Tidy Clean Home series!  We will have another round of cleaning all around the house in two weeks. For the next two weeks we will be back to super simple challenges to keep the house up and will have a few taking care of mommy challenges because it is super hard to find mommy time when the kids are home from school

  1. Pick up and put away stray items
  2. Sweep &/or mop 
  3.  Vacuum furniture & curtains 
  4.  Wipe down baseboards & doors
  5.  Dust furniture, ceiling fan, light fixtures 
  6.  Empty trash 
  7.  Clean windows and mirrors

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