Weekend Links – Bites From Around The Web


I have been so busy with Back to School book fairs and getting my son back in the rhythm of the school year that I am surpirsed I am upright and coherent.  I did manage to catch a couple of fun articles from around the web!  Enjoy!

Concerned Letter From A Mother– Must read for teen moms… whew. : Viralnova

Paleo Article: Nicely written – but still adore Paleo for this reason.  – Huffington Post I figure if you eat 3/4 vegetables and 1/4 quality protein… then it sounds like a sound diet for me personally as I cannot eat wheat.  But everyone has their own nutritional needs and this diet helped me big time!

Make a Fall Wreath! : Decorchick

BPA Free Canned Goods – Add a list to your Iphone or make a tiny list for you wallet.  You need to have a few canned goods in your emergency bin!

Fall Flowers – I am really ready for some color to look at outside my office window.  It is so drab.




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