31 Days To A Holiday Shine 2013 Introduction

Holiday Shine 2013

Mommacan.com’s third annual Holiday Clean-up Challenge begins on Monday November 4, 2013. This holiday cleaning plan is designed for super busy moms and other busy caregivers and homemakers.

We will be finished on December 4th with a three day break for Thanksgiving and will still have our Seven Days of Christmas Crazy in December and our Girlie Week to give us busy gals some holiday shine as well!

Sparkly Wishes

Even the busiest of moms in the world  wish for a sparkly home for the holidays and that is what this blog post series is all about. Making you wishes come true.

For the next 31 days our Simple Daily Challenges will be focussed on tidying, cleaning, and maintaining our homes to be ready for the busiest holidays of the year.

What to Expect

Here is a simple list of what to expect:

  1. Simple Cleaning and Organizing Challenges
  2. Decorating Ideas
  3. Food and Drink Ideas
  4. Free Printables for easy planning
  5. Gift Ideas for family and friends
  6. Pampering Ideas for you!

I planned this event earlier so that moms from all cultures can benefit from the clean-up session.  If I make a reference to Christmas, it is simply because that is a very special holiday for my family.

mommacan.com holiday wishes

Question:  What are your special holidays or traditions?

If you have a special holiday or tradition during November and December I would love to hear about it through an email or Sparkly Joyful Note in the comments section.

I am very excited about this year’s holiday events. However, the one thing that would burst my holiday happy bubble is to have a messy house, icky bathroom or no place to hang a guest’s coat when they come to visit.

My fondest memories of childhood were baking cookies, decorating the house and wrapping gifts with colorful ribbons and exquisite paper.  And although times are tough I still want to deck the halls, and make little gifts look special along with having friends and family over for a game of charades and some hot cocoa and muffins.

 Join The Fun!

So please join the fun in booting up our mommy and caregiver engines and planning, cleaning, decluttering and organizing just enough to keep the nosy neighbors and sneaky relatives happy and just enough to have our very best friends over for some holiday cheer. There will be bits and pieces of humor, so bring your giggles!

I will see you all bright and early Monday, November 4th!  Bring a pencil, paper and a big fat eraser.  We are going to do some planning!





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