Holiday Shine Challenge 2013 Day 5 – Making Time For Memories

Holiday Shine 2013

Make Some Memories

This most important part of the holiday season is making memories with your family and close friends!  So today we are going to make a Holiday Bucket List for this Holiday Season.

Do you remember watching A Charlie Brown Christmas or A Christmas Story and countless other family style films that did not contain offensive words, things blowing up and girls wearing bikinis for no particular reason.  I mean come on!  Let make some good old fashioned wholesome memories and lets make sure we put family first.

Double Dog Dare

I double dog dare all of you moms to make this list and add real family time to the calendar before it fills up so much you cannot see those Christmas Lights, watch that angel get his wings or baked little bell shaped cooked and sprinkle them with sparkly sugar.

At any rate write down your Holiday Bucket List!  Its our Holiday Shine Challenge for today and it rocks and so do you hard -working moms.  Now lets pledge to make memories first and let all of the other stuff fill in the blanks.

Happy Holiday Shining!  No to worry to those of you who are itching to clean something, it is coming around the corner at a good clip and there will be plenty of it.

Free Printable Holiday Bucket List


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