7 Days of Christmas Crazy Planning Day Part 3

7 Days of Christmas Crazy Planning Day Part 3

Actions the icing on the Christmas Plan

Write each project on a separate piece of paper or pick a calendar date if that is all you need to do.  For example my trip to see the Library and the holiday lights just need to be added to the calendar.  So I check my dates and see what is free and place those two projects in those empty slots.


For each project write what you would like the out come to be:

Example: Decorations – Finished and pretty by Dec. 14

If you have a due date for your project make sure to add a note to your calendar as a nice reminder.


Example 2:

Christmas Eve Dinner:

A nice family fun meal with all the guests having a nice time playing games, eating tasty food and enjoying good wine. I would like as much completed before hand as humanly possible so that I can have a nice time playing games, eating tasty food, and enjoying good wine.


Write at the very least the next few steps that need to take place to complete your projects.  Every single project even if it requires only one or two.


Mailing Gifts- Need to be completed by December 14th because the shipping cost can get pretty high.

  1. Purchase one more gift for my momma and finish her special surprise.
  2. Wrap all the gifts
  3. Take gifts to UPS store and mail the packages and overnight the cards.

Example 2:

Christmas Dinner:

  1. Plan Menu
  2. Gather Recipes
  3. Write Shopping List
  4. Research what can be cooked or prepped prior to meal.
  5. Inquire about guests food allergies.
  6. Create Prep work due dates in calendar
  7. Do Prep Work
  8. Plan Table Settings and Guest Seating
  9. Check for adequate tableware and glassware
  10. Check for proper linens

Anyway, you get where I am going.  It seems like a lot to do, but just think of how you feel with all that floating around in your head. When you have all your Holiday events planned out with great details and actions you get to enjoy peace of mind. And peace of mind helps you sleep better at night.

Now, this takes a few minutes, so just start of with the first step. Discover what needs to be done right away. Make plans to do the whats that have a pressing time limit, like mailing packages and make that your priority.

But if you can find the time to make this plan. Especially if your to do list is huge!

You deserve to be organized and you deserve peace of mind.

*These are my actions for this particular project.  This will actually be first on my agenda for tomorrow because they need to go out on Wednesday.

*This is totally GTD and I love David Allen and all of his wisdom. We are going to be looking at the GTD system in January.  You will just love it!  I was able to donate over 15 organization and time-management books after I listened to his audio cd and read the book. We will be breaking the book down chapter by chapter in mid-January after we make and break our New Years Resolution. ( just teasing)

See you bright and early tomorrow to get things accomplished and  be rocking moms!


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