Twas The Night Before Christmas and Momma’s Got Game

Cleaning, Cooking and Rest yes that is the game plan for the next few days.

We are at the close of our 7 days of Christmas Crazy. And my biggest tip for moms and dads on this day is to get as much as you can accomplished and let go of what you cannot finish. It will be a special Christmas if we know have did the most with what we have and we spend quality time with our families.

Yes, it will probably feel rushed and exhausting but with a TO DO list in hand and a positive, loving attitude we can finish this day and get in bed at a decent hour for a good night’s sleep. Sleep she says? Is she crazy?

Nope, many of us will have a screwdriver and an instruction booklet late on Christmas Eve. Because, we all had the best intentions to put that tricycle or race car set together before the clock ticked the time away. So if we sleep tonight, we will be better able to cope with tomorrow’s very full day.

Today I am speed cleaning in the morning, cooking in the afternoon, have a short dinner with my family  and coming home to hopefully a clean kitchen and a mindset to get in bed, watch mindless television and go to sleep.

I have my recipes ready in my binder, all the supplies from my crazy big shopping trip, and every single present wrapped excluding the picture frames for my mother-in-law. I will be cooking like mad for the next few day and putting finishing touches here and there to make the house more inviting  so that I can spend more time with my family and friends on Christmas Eve.

p.s. Don’t forget to charge your camera and video equipment for the big day!

Are you ready? There is still time to make a plan and accomplish many things today.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Momma and Family!


I can’t wait to see what the new year brings. I have many plans and many dreams and I know you do as well.




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    ” let go of what you cannot finish” –> This is a great tip. In the holiday rush, we tend to forget about what’s really important: quality family time. So, if there’s something you weren’t able to do, don’t stress about it. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones instead.
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