40 Day Clutter Challenge – Children’s Clothes and Extra Bathrooms

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40 Day Clutter Challenge – Children’s Clothes and Extra Bathrooms

Welcome to today’s Clutter Challenge.  In our last clutter challenge, we worked on our clothes and the bathroom.  Today we are moving forward to extra bathrooms and our children’s clothes.  Clearing clutter in extra bathrooms is pretty simplistic, you just are basically removing unwanted items or past-due date items.  However, working on your children’s wardrobe can either be the easiest thing you do all day or the most challenging aspect of the day.  Read the below quote and think about how our children can be such a challenge when we talk about decluttering their stuff.

One of the most difficult parental challenges is to appropriately discipline children. Child rearing is so individualistic. Every child is different and unique. What works with one may not work with another.

James E. Faust

The same will be true of their clothing.  The little ones will be eternally miffed if you toss their favorite t-shirt or dress and walking into your teenager’s room and going through their clothes …is just risky and not needed. They are old enough to deal with this one their own.  The only guidelines they need are having a nice outfit for special occasions that you have approved and ( this is very important) that they really like.

For teens, just explain to them that during these 40 days you are getting rid of clutter and why.  If they see the house getting neater each day they will be interested and may mimic you sometime down the line and that is how we teach, we teach by our own actions.

40 Day Clutter Challenge – Children’s Clothes and Extra Bathrooms

CHALLENGE –  Tidy and clean for 20 minutes getting rid of at least 12 items of clutter in the extra bathrooms and your younger children’s clothes.  If you are lacking clutter in either one of those places revisit your clothes or another area of your home.

QUESTION – Is there an are of your home that drives you nuts with clutter?  Do you avert your eyes as you walk by?

Next Challenge –  The Garage or Storage Closet
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40 Day Clutter Challenge Goal

Remember our goal is to declutter 12 items per day for 40 days. The challenges are simply a guide to keep you motivated!

40 Day Clutter Challenge - Children's Clothes and Extra Bathrooms

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