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Busy Mom, Busy Life and Messy House Stress

Busy Mom Busy Life

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I have been crazy busy the past few days. My house is in shambles and I just kicked off a 28 day health bonanza using Arbonne products and need to get the kitchen organized.

So for the next few days our posts are going to be all about “getting real” about tidying the house.  You will see room by room shots of my home as I zip along tidying each nook and cranny that is in need of a major clean-up -session.

I will be using my timer in 5 minute increments to show you just how much you can accomplish in 5 totally focussed minutes. I will be decluttering as I move through each room, so there will  also be bags of donations and bags of trash.

Are you ready to get real?


What do you do in total house chaos?



Do you messy house stress??? Let’s find a cure together!

Busy mom, busy life, just plain busy.  But even the craziest busiest mom in the world can find 5 simple minutes!



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  1. Great upcoming series to help motivate us. You’re right, a lot can get done in 5 minute increments if you just focus on the one task.

  2. I definitely stress over my house mess! This is an exciting series. I want to see how much you can get done in a concentrated five minutes too!

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