Cleaning House During Flu and Cold Season Part One

How to Clean House During Flu Season

For the next few days are Simple Daily Challenges are going to tackle the most icky parts of the house. These are the most touched areas and quite possibly the area where the icky germs  attach  to us and make us sick.  Of course just cleaning germs will not protect us fully we have to think smart. As much as I hate shots I had a flu shot. I know some folks are anti-shot folks and that is okay.  However, this year the flu seems pretty radical and spreading pretty rapidly so I am upping my high nutrient diet as well and that is something we can all try doing.


 No Junk + Plus High Nutrient Food = Healthier Momma and Family


Anyway back to the icky fun stuff.

Simple Daily Challenge: 

Light Switches and Door Knobs, clean every single on of them.  And I am not really one of those nagging kind of moms, but I mean it.  Clean the grime first and then disinfect with a cleaner that is safe enough for the door knob and light switch yet effective enough to kill those nasty icky germs.During flu season I buy whatever it takes to protect my family within reason.

However my go to cleaning solution when I mean business is a bleach and water solution.  My mom used it in Turkey because many of the cleaners folks used in the states where just not available  at our military base.

However, I found a super helpful article that includes the bleach solution and many other tips for cleaning during this Flu season.



And its from the center for disease control and its not overly long like many government web pages.

Okay, see you tomorrow for more Flu Fighting Challenges!

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