Expert Bloggers Top Three Decorating Items


Expert Bloggers Top Three Decorating Items

We gathered 16 expert design bloggers and asked them what their top three must-have decorating items.  Enjoy these wonderful tips from busy women just like you who love to make things beautiful.

Home Decoraing Tips
Nicole Corr,
 Green Isle Landscapes  My top three decor items that may be used in any room, are 1. Beautiful family photos in a mix match of frames. 2. Rugs on the floor, living in Australia we have a very hot summer and surprisingly cold winter as our homes are not heated. 3. there needs to be one piece of furniture that is a focal point or talking piece or adds character whether it be a large Art Nauveau wardrobe or a upcycled antique shoe last lamp.


Best Home Decorating ItemsSusanne Stewart Life on Pearl Street  The best home decor items are those that can be used anywhere in the house. My top three home decor items that can be used anywhere are baskets, books, and flowers. Baskets are great for corralling items in any room. Towels in the bathroom, toys in the playroom, blankets in the living room, the possibilities are endless. Books are a great way to add interest to your decor. Set decor accessories on them to give them height in a vignette in any room you choose. You can leave the originals covers on them, cover them in other paper, or take the covers off. Flowers, of course, are a wonderful way to bring nature into your decor and they can be put in any room. On the kitchen counter to brighten up your morning, on your bedside table to soothe you to sleep with a wonderful fragrance, or on the dining table as a centerpiece for a wonderful family get together.

Three Top Decorating ItemsJessica Delvin Jessica Devlin Design  My top decor items are 1. a round mirror. They are unbelievably versatile. Round mirrors look amazing in an entry, put a giant one over a bench in your front hall, or hang one over your console table. They look amazing over a fireplace but did you know that they also make a big impact in a powder room. Hands down my favorite item. 2. Beautifully woven vintage rug. They come in such amazing patterns and hues and they seem to tie any room together. I’ve seen vintage rugs used in modern homes and farmhouse style, they seem to go with everything. I’ve even seen them used in bathrooms! Amazing. 3. Last up is picture frames, I absolutely love adding a touch of our family around the house, it doesn’t need to be kitschy to make an impact. Nothing is sweeter than catching the sight of your loved ones as you walk through a room.

Bloggers Top Decorating Items

Sarah Foote The Project Pile   I love a good super-versatile décor item! The number one item on my list would be my teacups! I love my teacups! I know they kind of sound like a kitchen décor item, but I love filling them with different things throughout the different seasons! For Easter, I fill them with eggs, for Christmas I fill them with old ornaments, for spring I plant pretty flowers in them… I kind of use them for everything, except for tea! The possibilities are endless! My number two item is my three-tiered wire basket. Again, I can fill it with different items throughout the seasons, and it works great in pretty much any room! Item number three is my boxwood wreath. It’s round and very simple. It works really well for filling in the background. It can hang on a door, or the wall, or lean on top of a buffet for some extra oomph!


Kimm Boes Reinvented  Books, baskets, and plants. 🙂 I use books to add color and texture and to give height and weight to smaller objects. Place a decorative sphere or even a small piece of framed art on top of a stack of books and the result is way more interesting than the sphere or frame would have been alone. Baskets also add texture and I love their rustic look. Use them for much-needed storage in any room, hang them on the wall for amazingly graphic art, or pop in a potted plant. And every room needs a little green, whether live or faux. Live plants bring a room to life and clean the air. If you have a black thumb like me, shop around for realistic faux options, or just bring in some cuttings from your yard and replace as needed.

Sam HayRaggedy Bits  My top three decorating items: Pillows, flowers, vintage farmhouse items, eg Old Scales, Candles etc sure add a lovely welcoming cozy feel.



{Sykting Throw Pillow Covers}

Sam Franklin A Happy Home In Holland  1. My absolute favorite décor item that I use all over our home is a big oversized wooden tray (I found this a while back at a thrift store and repainted it with white chalk paint). I use this to display home décor accents on the coffee table and hang it on the wall to display other pieces of wall art. 2. I also love my round gold upcycled mirrors (old plastic ones that I re-sprayed) which I often move around from room to room when I am updating my seasonal décor. I’m collecting them at the moment and when I have enough of them I plan to use them in a gallery wall 3. And last but not least it has to be cushions and throws (does that count as one?) because they are very versatile and can be used just as easily in the living room as in the bedroom.

Emily Flint Semi Gloss Design  Fresh flowers, art, and books. Fresh flowers add so much life to a space. I like to pick them up every time I grocery shop. Art should make you feel something. It doesn’t have to be precious, but it should at least make you smile. I’m a huge fan of bad art (old kitschy art), but I also love buying art from Etsy. Books also add life. My family loves to read, so we constantly have books everywhere anyways.

Liz Elliot Decor  Franc and Eli  Plants! Plants! and Plants! I have them in every single room in my house – including bathrooms. They really liven up spaces and make them feel so much more home-y!


{Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai}

Christy Harper The Harper House There are many great decor ideas, but I think the most versatile are pillows, plants, and art 🙂 I am addicted to pillows and love buying inexpensive pillow covers when they are on sale and keep a huge stash in my closet. Then when I want a new look, I’ll just throw on a new cover. Plants add life to space and can quickly turn your ho-hum space into something that feels finished. And whether you love abstract art, fun meaningful quotes, or traditional oils – adding artwork that you love to your home makes it feel comfy and lived in and is a great way to express your own individual personality.


Yami Platero The Latino Next Door  My top 3 decorating items are blue glass jugs and bottles, I am always shifting them around my house. My next would be serving trays. Not only are they practical, but they can add an extra accent to a tabletop or nightstand. My third would be cushion covers. It’s a great way to change the look of a room by adding a new pattern or color.  Visit at the Latina Next Door


Tina Bousu  Eclectic Twist A vase of fresh flowers, some vintage books, and an amazing chair! All 3 are must haves for me. Vintage books add charm and character while fresh flowers just bring a freshness with a lovely color and smell. And lastly, a great chair gives you comfort, style, and function all in one.

Susie Kuc Tiny House Giant Life  Pillows, especially if you have a couple different covers so you can switch up the style anytime you would like. -Plants! They bring you clean air and refreshing colors, even in the shower. If you don’t have great luck with plants get a good faux one they will still brighten any space. -Books are really great in every room, even showcasing a collection of cookbooks in the kitchen. Antique books are wonderful to show your personality and peaks guest’s interest; kids have a blast looking at photo books on the coffee table, and leaving some interesting reading on your night stand may just inspire you.


Denise Bryant  My Thrifty House  My top three decor items that can be used in any room are 1) stacks of books 2) baskets in all shapes, sizes and textures 3) faux plants. I use books to add texture and elevate items within a vignette. I like wire baskets and wicker baskets to add texture that also provides functional storage. Faux plants are my friend. I have a black thumb and can’t keep a plant alive so faux plants are used to bring some nature into the room.

Jennifer Gainer Jenron Designs My top 3 decorating items are glass, baskets, and books. Glass Bottles or Urns provide a pop of color with sleek design shapes. Baskets provide texture along with storage. Books become instant risers or spacers while adding color, depth, and interest. Books also are a lost piece of history as we move forward into the virtual world, and depending on what books you have on display it gives the viewer a personal insight into your personality.


Pamela List Mommacan.comPam List  mommacan And here are my top three decorating items. My absolute favorite versatile decor is white dishes, clear glass jars, and trays. I collect trays like most women collect shoes! Glass jars can be used for storing dry goods to holding an elegant summer bouquet, and white dishes compliment any table in any season.



Top Decorating Tips


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  1. Fabulous suggestions and I love that most items are inexpensive and easy to find; books, baskets, trays, jars, plants. It’s funny how much of a difference in a space such small things can make! Love love it!

  2. Great post, it was lovely working with you. I truly loved reading though all the great advice, and items these ladies must have in every room design. This post is going to well, I can’t wait to link it into my Ask the Designer segment this month!!!

    1. Thanks for all the design tips.Some I’ve used and new ones to try!

  3. Nothing beats a great home decor item!! Especially 3! I loved reading about what everyone’s favorites are! Wonderful question! Thanks so much for sharing! 😀

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