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Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables

Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables

Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables

Hi friends, I thought you might like another update on our picky teen’s journey into eating more variety and more vegetables.

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Our picky teen has been picky from birth. He is the complete opposite of his older sibling. The eldest was eating salad and stir-fry octopus by age five.

So it was a real surprise to us when his younger sibling decided that brownies and chicken nuggets were going to be his staple diet.

Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables

There Is Always An Expert To Give You Advice

Many “helpful folks’ would say, don’t make a big deal about it and they will eventually eat things they see their parents eat.  Some would say go with a two-bite rule, which we tried when he was a toddler but it did not change a thing.  

I guess on one side we should be proud of his strong-willed nature. But the parent inside us knows that vegetables are just simply healthy and if we did not intervene now. Then this habit would go on through his adult life.

So we created a goal of adding three more vegetables to our teen’s diet in one month. We had a hiccup in the month with a family member being ill but even with that added stress, we managed to have pleasant meals several times with a vegetable on that plate.

I used sauces sweetened naturally, infused with vegetables, and added red peppers which are also sweet, too many dishes. Vegetables were served raw for a few meals, and then later roasted for other meals. Boiling or sauteeing will come later.

Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables

Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables Success!

I felt we were successful because he stopped having a teen meltdown about the food. I mean he was not actually throwing himself on the floor like a two-year-old on a “gimme that damn candy” mission. He just simply ate the food with only two or three eye rolls. 

I wanted to give my husband a high-five. However, we bother knew that would cause a series of eye rolls and urges to text his friends about how lame we are

Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables Phase Two

Our second month of this journey, Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables will consist of creating a plate that is consistent roughly, one-quarter protein, one grain, and fruits and vegetables filling the remainder. The majority of these foods will be ones that he already enjoys but with reduced salts and nothing fried. Okay, we are talking french fries. Which also come in the form of waffles, curly, tots, and hashed. Basically the same with a different name.

Kids love fries, but that is not really the best choice especially when that is the vegetable of choice for the picky eater.

We will have something similar to a sweet potato and them make a few fun purple carrot fries. With pink Himalayan salt and pink peppercorns, this can turn into really interesting cooking experiences for tweens and teens!

Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables

Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables  Action List – Phase Two

Here is our list of actions for phase two. 

  1. Grocery shopping where junk food is minimal. The farmer’s market, Sprouts, Whole Foods etc.
  2. Vegetable starters for dinner each night. Think fresh vegetable crudites with a fresh dressing or small cheese cubes.
  3. Minimize after-school snacking. – A hungry teen puts up a little less sass about veggies on their plate. Plus, everything tastes better when you are hungry!
  4.  No Dirty Laundry at the Table – Any family issues will be dealt with away from the table that nourishes.
  5. Dinner menu posted – Each week dinner will be posted and any changes make noted. One favorite of our teen will be present at each meal as long as it is not sugar-based. ( cupcakes no –  buttered wheat toast -okay)

I am looking forward to a hopeful and healthful week. Our Feeding Picky Teen Palates Vegetables mission is looking more and more successful each day!

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Do you have a picky eater at home? I would love to hear about your tips or worries in the comments. After all, being a busy mom is easier when we share our concerns and wins! 

My Teen Hates Vegetables


  • Monday – Oven roasted steak, baked potatoes, and vegetable crudites with a honey-lime vinaigrette.
  • Tuesday – Dinner out – school event – After school snack will be leftover vegetable crudites and fruit.
  • Wednesday – Grilled chicken, buttery lemon parsley noodles, green peas, and fruit salad.
  • Thursday – Leftover chicken breast, Green Beans for a Crowd,  with raw red pepper strips and watermelon chunks.
  • Friday – Dinner Out ( Don’t judge this mom’s breaks, lol)
  • Saturday – Build Your Own Kabobs – Something I thought might be fun with our vegetable routine! I always loved these as a kid.
  • Sunday- Roast Chicken, Steamed Rice, Sliced radishes and berries with Angel Food Cake as a treat.

Linking up over at orgjunkie.com so many great meal plans!


Follow along on our journey to get our teen to learn to loves his greens! - Feeding PIckey Teen Palates Vegetables

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  1. Ahhhh, I admire your tenacity!! And I am glad to hear you are only getting a few eye rolls so far, lol! I wonder if this would work with a pre-schooler?
    I am going to pass this on to my daughter for our grandson, he won’t eat anything. Although she has figured out to feed them dinner later so that they will eat.

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