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Free Printable End of Workweek Checklist

Friday End of Workweek Checklist Mommcan.com

Free Printable End of Workweek Checklist

Do you want your workweek to start of Monday in a positive more organized way?  Then this Friday End of Workweek Checklist is for you!

This list works for anyone who works away from home, at home or both.  Just follow the checklist and reap the benefits of closing out Friday and preparing for an organized Monday. 

Set aside a half-hour at the end of the workday to work on your Friday Friendly Five. 


  1. Check your voice mail one last time before leaving, making a note of who you need to call back on Monday and what is absolutely critical to deal with to keep your weekend as peaceful and work free as possible.
  2.  Clear out your inbox filling what needs to be used as a reference and creating action folders (Items that require action from you) and delegation folders ( Items that require action from others) for items that require your attention on Monday. Throw away anything that you do not plan to use now or in the future.
  3.  Shred any papers that need shredding before you leave the office. If you work from home shred and then bag up all trash and take it to the bin.
  4.  Clear out your Email-inbox as close to empty as you can. This will make Monday run super smooth.  Do not start making phone calls or returning emails unless it is an emergency, just delete junk mail and file emails as needed into an action list and delegation list and maybe a Need More Info list.
  5. Write a Monday Tackle List- Take a few minutes to write what items you would like to tackle first thing Monday morning.


Free Printable Friday Friendly Five End of Workweek Checklist

Free Printable Mommacan.com End of Workweek Checklist

( I love this list  for work at home moms, because then they can clear off their desk for a little bit of hobby time or whatever makes them happy)

Friendly Friday Five End of Workweek Checklist Mommacan.com

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  1. This is a great list. I do work from home, and clearing off and closing down my desk on Friday helps me get a much needed disconnect from work.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and you are right disconnecting is so important. I really believe it is the difference between loosing it or gaining more insight, especially as a woman/mom who blogs.

  2. Fridays are always so tough because people either start to relax or panic because it’s the weekend. I like to count the minutes down until my husband gets home and the weekend begins 🙂 Good idea with the checklist though 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lexie. And yes DH coming home is the highlight of my weekend, but letting go of my work week is a pllus.

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