From My Heart to Yours- Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine Mom

Valentine’s Day  -which to my is a day of giving and peace. There is an amazing amount of information regarding St. Valentine’s Day and you can read about it here on Wikipedia.

For me, I like to keep it simple.  But I truly think it is a nice time to reflect on our relationships and their positive influences in our lives.  To take a moment and try to find a card in a shopping mall that reflects how I feel about my husband is nearly impossible.  But the joy of laughing over the silly cards and crying over the sentimental ones is really kind of interesting and healing.   The  feeling of satisfaction when I find a card that may have one statement that truly reflects how I feel about him is such a treasure.  But it is just a little momento and is not the big picture.  The big picture is love and how we treat the ones we love.

I know the whole concept of St. Valentine’s Day has probably become completely distorted but if we could just take this  day and remember the ones we love with kindness what a wonderful day this can be.

So I leave you with this on this day of hearts and hugs.   

Hug Yourself– Take care of you a little bit today, mind, body and spirit. Take  a walk, read something that makes you happy, doodle and dabble in some art, watch funny videos, whatever brings you peace and joy.

Hug Your Home- Because it is the physical shelter to the ones you love. Give it a little tidy in each room. Make something beautiful, rearrange the pictures or put one flower in an unexpected place.

Hug Your Family–  Hug each one, whisper to them this whole life is worth so much more just because they are in it with you.  Take a step back and truly look at your family.  How wonderful it is to take a moment and list the positive, the blessings, the cherished ideas and moments of each member of your family.  And yes, we may not have the perfect family, but even the most rotten apple in the barrel has the potential to grow a beautiful fruit tree.

I wish you the best on this day of hugs and hearts.  Thank you for reading  and hopefully accomplishing our simple daily challenges and thank you for dropping by today.

Momma aka Pam

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