Get your bedroom and study area organized for back to school!

I know I felt overwhelmed when my child first started school and realized we needed to get his room and desk organized for success. Now everything I learned is available in a super easy 7-day E-Course that is totally free to you!

In this course, you will receive seven days of actionable steps to get your child’s room and study area organized and ready for the school year!

Our slogan is “Get organized, Get optimized” and for good reason. These days children are busier than ever and if we do not teach them to optimize their time and ” things” than they can become overwhelmed and frazzled. This is just not necessary. We can take time, remove clutter, organized items, and show them how to find a place for everything, they will feel ready for anything this school year!

JOIN US IN THIS Back To School -Seven-day organization journey!

This e-class work out so well for our busy family. I have five children and breaking it down into bite-sized tasks helped so much! We are going to do these challenges with out kids’ room every year.
~ Maryilyn Winters 


Optimize means to make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource).  Which makes organize to optimize the best solution to get those room ship shape for an awesome school year.

Get organized, Get optimized

Here is the outline for the next few days.

  1.  Tackle Clutter – Bedroom
  2.  Organize Bedroom ClosetPamela List
  3.  Organize Drawers
  4.  Tackle clutter in Study Areas
  5.  Organize Study Area
  6.  Organize Books
  7.  Organize Reading Corner

Each day we will tackle one of these items and finish it the best we can in the time we have. If you child is older than please make them part of this process at their current skill level. But remember the less stuff they have to distract them from getting ready for school in the morning, studying, and tidying the less of a hassle their days will be and that makes for more smiles and less stress.


I was at a conference once and the teacher said that children who have messy rooms at home tend to be disorganized in the classroom and therefore have trouble finishing work and keeping work tidy.  The year I started organizing a little more to optimize my child’s school year to help him to be Captain Organized at school.  I proudly gave him the tools he needed to learn to get things done and he succeeded beautifully in his way!

Are you ready to get organized???
Are your ready to get optimize your child’s room and study area for the school year?


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