Get Your Momma Groove- Cure Those Back to School Desk Blues


Wherever you work on your bills, planning, writing, coupon clipping, doodling and studying that is where we are hanging out today.
We are going to tidy our desk so that we can  get caught up on all desk stuff from the back to school rush.

Take 2 minutes and sift through that desk like a heat seeking missile searching for hot trash.  Throw the trash away.

Now can you see a little desk space open up?

Take 4 more minutes and put away all the stray items.

Oh boy, when you are finished you will probably find a nice safe spot for your coffee mug.


Take 3 minutes and update calendars and contacts.  This could be as simple as adding your new hair stylist to your address book or the dates for the school harvest festival and back to school night.


( If you have procrastinated on your calendar, make a cup of  tea and just get it all done, your family will thank you later, because this will avoid the chaos scramble.)


Take 5 minutes to complete any of those 50,000 forms the schools send that you have not completed.  For some of you these may be three weeks or more old, just finish it up!


Take 1 minute and check supply levels on printer ink, desk items and Panic Projects.


Panic projects are items that I collect in a big box that would help to complete a random forgotten but quickly needed book report, science project and any kind of poster.  I keep 3 large white posters, 2 large black and 1 foam in my closet for this purpose.  I also keep the large poster letters in white and black.

Other items include empty plastic coke bottles ( no more than two), duct tape, masking tape, pliers, wire, a pack of felt, wiggle eyes.  I guess you could say if I had scraps from a project I put the leftovers into small clear plastic bags and add them to the Panic project box.


That is it for the day.  It seems like a whole bunch, but it is really just 15 minutes, unless you are playing catch-up and that is perfectly okay.


Happy New School Year Rocking Moms!


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