Holiday Clean-Up Challenge Day 2 – The Bathroom Cabinet and Living Room


Holiday Clean-Up Challenge Take 5 for the Bathroom Cabinet  and Living Room Dazzle Booster

Today we are still hanging out in the bathrooms.

Where do nosy neighbors and visiting relatives peek when they are visiting your home?

The bathroom cabinet.


Take 5 minutes today and clean out the bathroom cabinets.

  1. Throw away old unused items.
  2. Put away anything that guest will see that you may not want them to see.
  3. Make sure any medications are up high or locked, you can never be to careful with little ones.
  4. Wipe down the shelves with your favorite multipurpose cleaner and then shine the glass on the outside.

Note: If you have medications or other more personal items in the cabinets under the sink or elsewhere do the same here.

Just for fun: Leave a Sticky Note inside the cabinet on the door with a hand written note saying Merry Christmas or Gotcha!


Dazzle Booster- Take 5 minutes and totally tidy the Living Room or area where you put up your Christmas Tree!  This will make placing and decorating seem easier and will make for a peaceful decorating experience.  And remember when you put up your tree you can always decorate later, yet still enjoy the winter light on those nifty pre-lit Christmas trees.

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