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How I Used A Six Cube Organizer As A Television Stand

How I Used A Six Cube Organizer As A TV Stand

How I Used A Six Cube Organizer  As A Television Stand

My husband kindly added a television to my office this past week so that I could embark on a new Yoga adventure and watch a show from time to time that an all-boy household would not be interested in viewing. I was pretty happy.  However, after he plugged it in and added the DVD player and Cable box I took one look at the messy cubicle stand and thought, have mercy,  what a mess!  I cannot sit and relax to watch HGTV or even this most interesting (borderline crazy) Presidential race with all that ( well-loved craft-making, cookbook-loving clutter!


So this morning I finished up my work and decided enough was enough.  I made a mini-plan and a very mini-budget and embarked on a one-day purging-organizing mission for my television stand. https://roanokeoralsurgery.com/buy-retin-a-cream-online/


Messy 6 Cube Organizer Before Photo

First, I Did A Mega-Purge

I removed several books to the donation pile that I no longer need or love and then I moved the cookbooks a bit closer to the kitchen. I also found a ton of card-making supplies and sifted through those and put several items in my giveaway pile and threw out odds and ends that were not useful any longer.  I had one small bag of giveaways and quite the piles of books when I was finished. https://roanokeoralsurgery.com/zithromax-online/

Then I removed the busy box plastic trays because my son is now in Jr. High and does not need a busy box any longer. ( Maybe I should have saved those for future grandchildren!) However, those were emptied and added to the donation pile. https://roanokeoralsurgery.com/zovirax-over-the-counter/

I removed my “creative board” and will place it or one a bit smaller in a new location. I really love that board, so I am sure it will be placed in a new spot very soon.

Light Blue Fabric Drawer for Cubicle Storage

{light blue fabric storage drawer}

I Embarked On Finding Affordable Storage

I purchased fabric cube drawers in a pretty light blue and used label discs I found at  Target to mark the bins so that I would know what to find and the little elves in my home would know where to put things back. 🙂   I am sure I could have found cheaper bins if I waited longer at the local Dollar Store, but these just matched my prints above my office couch and are sturdy,  so I made the decision with no guilt at all because I adore Amazon Prime Shipping.  The drawers were not that expensive and I know I will use them in other places if I ever upgrade my TV stand.

I labeled the disc with my beloved label machine and placed all items into the correct drawer.  Here are my results and I could not be prouder of a day’s work in busy mommy land.

six cube organizer television stand

{Sony Bravia Television 32in newer edition, Six Cube Storage Shelf, Fabric Drawers, White Labeling Disc, Brother Label Machine}

Now I simply need to find some neat decorations to finish this project completely. I call that a productive day!


Finished Six Cube Organizer Television Stand / Media Stand

Organizing with cubicle storage is so much fun and does not break the bank. When you are tired of your six-cube shelf, you can easily move it into a new spot, like the closet, the mudroom, the garage or a child’s room. They are simply super and versatile!  Add a splash of color with the fabric bins, and you will be instantly motivated to tackle another organizing project very soon.

Do you use cubicle storage in your home? I would love to know how you use them!


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  1. Hi Pam: I am currently tackling my craft room, but it is in constant use so I am having a hard time. Clutter gets under my skin and really affects my ability to be creative. The craft room here has three bookshelves and a cabinet for sewing stuff.

    The trick is to put it behind something or in something. It may take an extra step to go grab a tool or supply but in the long run its very much worth the effort.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are very right. My office falls apart when I am working on bigger projects and when the sun does not come out it drains me of energy and creativty.

  2. I am a huge fan of good storage and I have a cube organizer beside my desk which keeps all my craft stuff in it – Haveing one as a tv stand is a great idea, Pam!

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