Maple Roasted Baby Carrots Recipe

Maple roasted baby carrots are will because a family favorite.  Sweet, tender and buttery carrots, what is not to like?




  1. Preheat oven to 400° F
  2. Stir baby carrots, melted butter, maple syrup, and salt and pepper together in a large glass bowl. Take care to make sure all carrots are coated.
  3. Spread carrots evenly on a large rimmed baking pan. Use a parchment sheet underneath carrots to prevent sticking and easy cleanup. 
  4. Roasted for 20 to 25 minutes stirring once to cook evenly and carrots are tender. 
  5.  Remove from oven, sprinkle Italian parsley and serve hot. 


Other herbs for this recipe chives, scallions, and dried oregano.

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