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Organize Your Week

Welcome to our second week of Health and Happiness Mondays here on Mommacan.com. Yes, we will still have a link party from time to time but for the Spring and Summer we are going to be utilizing Monday to plan for the week to make more time for real family fun!

Health and Happiness make a Happy Home!

The most important thing we can do for our health is to eat good quality whole foods and to move every single day. This will instantly move up our happiness level!  Happiness is many things to many people, but for our purposes we are going to work on creating balance out of chaos so that our home life is more at peace and joyful.  And so here we go, first… we must organize our week with a health and happy focus.  Menu planning and home management with a dash of mindful movement.

Organize Your Week:
Spend 10 minutes making a 5 meal Dinner plan for the week.  Couple this with some easy pantry backups like spaghetti, mac and cheese with salad or a roast chicken from the local grocery with a couple of frozen or canned vegetable sides. Add this to your calendar or just jot it on a piece of paper.

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Menu Planning:

  • Monday – Chili and Gluten Free Cornbread 
  • Tuesday – Tacos! The boys love taco night.
    Wednesday – Crock Pot Turkey Breast – gravy and mashed potatoes, salad
  • Thursday – Family Diner Night – Leftovers, frozen goodies, salad or sandwiches.
  • Friday – Baked Fish New Potatoes, Strawberry Salad
  • Saturday – Pantry Meal
  • Sunday – Dinner Out

Cleaning with the family_ ,mommacan.com

Cleaning List:

  • Monday – Deep Clean Kitchen – Choose wisely on major appliance or area to deep clean. This I suggest cleaning and organizing the pantry. It is so much easier to put together a quick pantry meal when the pantry is well-organized and stocked with a few staples. 
  • Tuesday – Bathroom – Give the bathrooms and good scrubbing, especially, tubs, showers, sinks and mirrors.
  • Wednesday –  Dust and Mirrors and Windows –  Dust all the furniture and doodads, shine all mirrors and windows on the inside.
  • Thursday –  Give the Laundry Area a good declutter session. Hang up stray clothing, fold and put-away laundry, wipe down counters and fronts of cabinets.
  • Friday – Declutter- one area for 5 to 10 minutes or catch up on anything that was missed during the week. Keep it simple, Friday is for family and fun!
  • Saturday – Linens and extra laundry. Don’t you love the idea of fresh smelling sheets and towels!
  •  Sunday – Family Day – An opportunity for movement! Miniature golf anyone? 

To make this super easy click on the link below and print your very own weekly cleaning list!  Totally free.

 Free Printable PDF of Cleaning List

A little Inspiration for the Week!

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Benjamin Franklin
Have a rocking week!

We are life organizing here at Mommacan.com one week at a time! Cheers to health and happiness!


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