Miles and Miles of Piles and Piles Day One – Clothing



Do you suffer from  TMP- Syndrome (Too-Many-Piles Syndrome)? Is life moving so quickly that you can’t keep up with the piles? Than this week at will be a very big help for you.  Miles and miles of Piles and piles will start to disappear with a few magic minutes and some good old grit and grinning.   Each day we will tackle a new area or item that tends to pile up.

Today we begin to tackle the clothing piles piles.

  • Shirt Piles
  • Pants Piles
  • Sock Piles
  • Belt Piles
  • Scarf Piles
  • Shoe Piles
  • Skirt Piles
  • Dirty Clothes Piles
  • Clean Clothes Piles

Wait are there more??

 Laundry Pile, Clothing Pile, Sock Pilel Shoe PIle

Step One: Tackle the smallest pile. This could be one small load of laundry left on top of the drawer, folded nicely but forgotten.  It could aslo mean the pajamas and socks and the bathroom floor or you child’s karate uniform of soccer cleats.  Just pick the easiest one first.

Step Two: Boot the laundry. This could moving wet clothes to the dryer or removing dry clothes from the dryer and folding or starting up a fresh load. ( we are only going to boot the amount of laundry that we have time to complete today)

Step Three: Go on a scavenger hunt. Grab a basket and go through your home and gather up every single item of stray clothing, shoes or belts and put them in the basket.

Step Four:  Check the laundry room?  Do you need to add more clothes to the washer, put clothes in dryer or fold a load, now is the time to do so.  ( remember step two, only add as much as you can do today!)

Step Five: Take a water break and look around. Do you feel the house is a bit neater after the scavenger hunt?

Step Six: Put away as many scavenger hunt items as time allows in around 5 minutes, do not be afraid to ask for help. I would imagine some of these items do not belong to you.

Step Seven: Check the laundry. Is it time to reboot?  Fold a load, wash a load, put away a load. Whatever needs to be done.( remember step one)

Step Eight: Put away remaining scavenger hunt items.

Step Nine: Finish up your laundry and fold the last batch and put away.

Step Ten Take a mental note on why clothing gets scattered. See if you can come up with a plan to keep this from happening again, or just accept the fact that live gets messy and refer back to this post from time to time to catch up.

The End:  Do a happy dance!  You are a rocking mom and you so deserve a tidy home and some time every day to rejoice and be happy.


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