Mom- Olympic Challenges for Today – The Living Areas

Winter Mountain Bridge

We are celebrating our own little Mom- Olympics in honor of this year’s Olympic Winter Games. I personally love the ice skating. I have learned to hold my breath through nearly an entire routine in fear of the poor participant falling on their bum.

If you did not see the initial Game Challenge you can find it here.

Momma Olympics – Homemaking Game for Busy Moms

We are tallying up points each day for household chores and general home paper pushing, like meal planning and paying the bills. Our points are our daily little mommy medals.  I am aiming for at least 250 points each morning. This will be a snap because each Olympic Challenge listed below is worth 100 points!

Today we are hanging out in the living room!

1. The Couch – Check out this not so vintage post about Couch Squatters, do the challenge and grab your 100 points.

Couch Squatters Beware

2. Dust all the living furniture, even grab a can of the Lemony Stuff if you like this is your mommaolympicsdusting day!  100 points.

3. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – Take five simple minutes and pick up all the clutter in the living room!  The room will look better and you will feel a sense of peace from a quick job that has big impact.

Having a rocking day Olympian Mommas!


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  1. OH MY,
    1) I am so behind I haven’t even counted points.
    2) No living room couch as living room is not used except for me.
    3) Its a disaster because I half moved things around but Hubby has to finish moving everything which probably won’t be done until the weekend.

    BUT I DID POLISH everything, even all the trophies 🙂

    1. Hooray! Your are dong so well, I am just heading out to do some dusitng and then I really need to re-do my desk challenge because it is a fright.

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