One Year Blog Anniversary- Momma Can

My year anniversary for this blog was actually yesterday on 9-11. I could not write or think about anything but our country yesterday. My heart is still heavy and random tears fall.

I started this blog to help me and random folks who click  by to tidy and fight clutter and get organized without thinking about being super perfect. In this day and age moms, dads, and all caregivers are busier than ever. Gone are the days of all day pot roasts, home-baked cookies after school, and general free-time.

With the cutbacks in school we are frantically running around trying to keep all the things we took for granted in our school days. Many schools have cut music, barely have art and only have Physical Education as money allows. In our schools they district does not even cover paper copying costs!
A year ago yesterday, I sat here at this desk amongst a bit of clutter and thought how can I get more things done with less time?
I scoured the internet looking for clues. Searching for daily challenges for moms. This search only brought links about how hard it is to be a mom, especially a new mom. Well, I already new that. That is why I was searching in the first place.
When I was pregnant with Little Guy I started one of those fad Yahoo groups called Purple, Chat and Challenge. The little group grew quite nicely. We hung out and collected what I called Purple Points (momma’s royal points, lol) for completing household chores. As time went on the group grew, but the point system got out of hand. Those gals wanted a system for to get points from everything like opening up a lunch box to changing diapers In other words you needed a math degree and an hour time slot just to figure out how many points you earned that day. The group still exists and is ran by charter members who I still chat with now and then.
But, I needed something different that took less time. But, I must tell you those points where fun. I would scour the bath tub twice so I could have more points than Mary Sue and Amy Lynne. lol

I spent a couple of years wasting time on Face Book. I mean don’t get me wrong I loved chatting with old friends and playing Farm Town. But, in the end all it got me was a cluttered house and a thicker waist line from sitting on my behind so many hours a day.  I needed something different.

I found Blogs. Cool. I could basically write a note to my self about what I would like to accomplish that day and it motivated me to actually take some kind of action.

My first post was a one liner.

Taking a 5-minute rumble break to clean out the trunk of my car.  Which in reality is the back of my van.

And then I started to read other blogs and discovered one-line is probably not enough.

Here is my favorite post in the past year of blogging

 Cleaning Toilets While Being all Nostalgic and Stuff

I have learned a bunch over the year, reading other blogs especially the king of all blogs

I was also featured on GTD times for a post I wrote in about five minutes. I was thrilled because David Allen is my hero.

Every Momma Needs  a Big Fat Inbox 

I have enjoyed this one year journey and will not ramble on but instead do a little change up.

For the next 31 days I will be challenge readers in a de-clutter bonanza along with the daily challenges. I wanted to do a 40-day challenge but then it would end to close to Halloween. But who knows, I have so much clutter it might run 50 days. lol

I have enjoyed this year-long journey. And thanks to all who have stopped by and read and hopefully did a Simple Daily Challenge.

Remember, it not only takes a village to raise children, it takes a village to raise mommas as well.


I can’t say enough about how David Allen’s Book Getting Things Done has helped me be a better employee, mom and volunteer. His system works.
David Alen – Getting Things Done- The Art of Stress- Free Productivity 



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