Welcome to the Organize page!  I am so glad you have found your way in the vast space of the internet to my little corner of the world and even clicked on a subject that is near and dear to my heart.  ORGANIZING!

As a little girl, I remember my mom taking college classes in writing. She once wrote an essay on the way I was obsessed with having all the drawers closed in my room all the time and my intense desire for everything to be in place, my brother not so much.

But how boring would life had been if we would have both been neat freaks!

Years later as an experienced mom of thirty years, I do not have the time to be a “Penelope Perfect” organizer. However, I still keep the drawers closed in my bedroom and I do have systems in place that keep my home sane. You will find these workable systems throughout the blog.

Being organized means many different things to many different people.  Here are a few ideas of what organizing means to me!

  1. Less clutter means more time to do things you love with people you love and time to take a much needed YOU break.
  2. Items that we love and use put away in an orderly fashion, will also create more time for you and your family,  as well as,  saving you money so you do not buy duplicates!
  3. Things put away in their places, give busy moms, dads and caregivers time to really take an honest look at finances and fix problems.
  4. Less clutter and a tidy home allow for quicker cleanup times. ( Who does not love just zipping through a tidy house to dust or mop!)
  5. Less clutter means less stress for your family.  Imagine a cleared dining table with a board game waiting on a side table.  Imagine the amazing sound of your child’s voice when you say… drop everything for game night!
  6. Being organized as a busy mom means manning the calendar like a boss, organizing bake sales and still having time to make dinner, clean house and hold a job.  We are talking stealth organization skills that many of us may not have been born with. But we can learn these skills with fun games, detailed lists (printables galore)  and lots of laughter.
  7. Being Organized means having a Planner (Binder)  with family and close friends birthdays listed and readily available to buy cards or gifts without stress along with knowing the important information in a crisis.

You see. Organizing means so many things and I could probably write 100 more but seven is such a neat place to stop.  

Here on mommacan.com, we play the occasional clutter games and challenges, organizing projects, printables, and  encouragement!

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If you are looking for printables you will find a growing list soon and our Holiday Challenge each year comes with a new packet, which is where you will really get to know “Penelope Perfect”.

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