Simply Super Summer- Plans and Free Printable Summer Bucket List

I have never been so excited about the end of a school year. I am completely over Everyday Math and spelling words.  I have been parenting for a very long time and I have seen first hand through a parent’s eyes the changes in the way our children are educated and in my opinion it is not a pretty sight.

So, summer is looking pretty sweet to me.

First on the agenda is the annual Summer Bucket List.  A list designed by myself and my Little Guy.  Mixed with educational excursions, water gun play and summer camps at home and in the area we are going to have the best summer ever.  How?

Planning, planning, planning.  I asked my son what kind of activities he would like to do and he automatically said kick-boxing camp and tennis.   He is also really in to Legos/ Ninjago and Star Wars, so we will be having a Star Wars Camp at home and a Lego- Building blocks party when the NEW GREEN NINJAGO comes out!

Every 8 year old boy I know can hardly wait for the Green Ninjago, its like the Beatles and Elvis mixed up into one tiny green Lego character.  I personally don’t get the draw, but my son is Ninjago crazy.

And my hands down favorite at the first part of summer is Veggie Bootcamp.  I love it , he hates it.  But until he orders salad at our favorite restaurant on a regular basis we will be doing this camp until he accepts his green vegetables or graduates high school.

So our Summer Bucket list so far has 3 at home camps, 2 in town and 3 trips to see grandparents.  I hope to add a trip to Lego Land, but we will see if time allows.   We will also be visiting a couple of Presidential places and as many museums as time allows.  Throw in a picnic, a trip to the local gardens and a random trip to Chuck E. Cheese and this summer is going to fly by so fast that I may need to replace my mental break pads.

Have you made a summer bucket list?

Here is a totally free printable bucket list for you to hand over to the children to write their dream list, then you can add in your two cents and get to planning to make it happen.


Tomorrow: Summer Reading- A Pinky Promise

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    1. We already filled out two sheets. Shave It which is like a snow cone is on there three times. lol Thankfully they have a Groupon every summer.

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