I look at each day with a brand new set of eyes.  I figure in this life I can either move forward or move backward.   My daily challenges are short and sweet. Most days I usually aim to move forward.  I was never really all that good at walking backwards anyway.

Listed below are a few examples of the Simple Daily Challenges for Moms.



Wipe Out Dirt Memories -Get out your all- purpose cleaner and a Magic Eraser folks.

Laundry Room Love – Just 10 minutes – Easy Peasy, Cheezy Squeezy

The Sanity Corner – Think a mom’s place for a time -out.

Scrubbing the Tub in A Puddle of Tears – Memories and reflections while cleaning soap scum.

Welcome to the Jungle – Bathroom challenge

When the Lettuce in the Fridge Starts to Talk Back– Hanging out int the kitchen.