Three Simple Tasks and a Hunk of Burning Love


Today we are finishing up our little tidy and clean session in the living areas and moving on to greener pastures.  Well, you know the great outdoors, where critters lurk and flowers bloom.


First stop before we enjoy our little magical journey outdoors is the sofa.

If you can flip all the pillows and give them a good plumping.  If you are feeling wild and crazy rearrange a few pillows or maybe try doing a few interesting magazine displays.  Forget the boring old fanned out display, go for something fun like a flower or maybe go vertical and try building a swan display.


Oh, for heaven’s sake just plump the pillows and be done with it.

Next up……


Vacuum the upholstery you just plumped if you notice it might need it and then vacuum the rugs and floors.
It really is pretty simple and it is kind of fun to see how far you can go without the cord running out of stretch when you get to the farthest corners.



And last but not least by any means…

Rearrange some of your photos or knick-knacks to freshen up the room.
This could mean just storing a few items, changing out photos or just putting them in a different spot to give a little change.
My momma always said to keep a home happy you need to add something or change something every other week.


Of course the room pictured is The Jungle Room for Graceland the home of Elvis Presley.  There will be no rearranging of the knick-knacks in the home of the King of Rock n Roll. I just thought it would be fun to take a peek at one or two of my travel photos from this summer.



RIP music maker you were loved by many and are still inspiring young music makers all over the word.

Elvis Aaron Presley

Gone but never forgotten.




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