Mango Guava Cranberry Juice Recipe

Wonderfully yummy mango guava cranberry juice is the perfect breakfast beverage or serve it as a mocktail at your next dinner party!



2 Cups Mango Juice
2 Cups Guava Juice
2 Cups Cranberry Juice Cocktail Or Cranberry Lemonade
I bunch mint (rinsed thoroughly and patted dry, keep sprigs intact)


Add three juices to an 8 to 10 cup glass pitcher. Stir.  Add two leaves each of mint to bottom of an old-fashioned glass.  Add a few cubes of ice and fill the glass with juice leaving an inch to the top of the rim. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a few frozen cranberries for color. Serve Immediately.


You can kick the mocktail up to cocktail with lemon vodka or good rum.  Enjoy!

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