Meet Pamela List

Hello! I’m Pamela List, Your Guide to a Joyful, Organized Family Life

As the heart and soul behind, I’ve dedicated decades to mastering the art of juggling family, career, and self-care. My journey began in the bustling kitchens of Westlake Culinary Institute, sharpening my culinary skills and contributing to restaurants in Memphis, TN and Whidbey Island, Washington, including a delightful café where our cornbread dressing was legendary.

Culinary Roots and Creative Flair

My Southern heritage and experiences richly influenced my culinary path, like designing tables at the Officer’s Club at NAS Millington. I embraced these lessons, carrying them forward into my kitchen and sharing them with other moms.

A Melodic Shift: Music and Teaching

Life took a melodious turn as I ventured into music, teaching young minds from kindergarten to high school I taught at the University of Memphis Community Music School and a local Catholic School and Church. This period was filled with songs and learning, all while running my own music school, Kindermuzik with Miss Pam.

Love, Family, and the Birth of

Meeting my husband led me to California, where I began connecting with other moms through a Yahoo Group. As the digital landscape evolved, so did my vision, leading to the creation of in 2009. It’s been a remarkable journey since, with my blog growing into a haven for busy moms seeking simplicity and inspiration.

A Symphony of Skills: Recipe Development, Web Design, and More

Today, I blend my passions for recipe development, web design, and graphics to enrich I’ve authored a book, crafted unique gift baskets, and am currently developing classes to empower moms in their hectic lives.

Join Me on This Exciting Journey

Every role I’ve embraced—from a culinary professional to a music teacher, from a devoted mom to a supportive wife—has enriched I invite you to explore easy recipes, thoughtful gift ideas, and classes designed to bring joy and efficiency into your family life.

I have struggled with many things that most moms contend with, money, clutter, home-management, middle-aged weight gain, and feeling like there is never enough time to do it all.

I have learned that no matter what happens, my kids long to see me happy and healthy. I also discovered they love an organized, beautiful home.

Thank you for being part of this community. Let’s continue to grow and learn together! is devoted to bringing the happy back to homemaking by sharing easy recipes, simple decor, free printables, and family and lifestyle tips for busy moms. 

This is my goal for I want busy moms to join me in the journey of a Happy Home and Happy Life!

What you will find on

  • Recipes – Simple Recipes for busy moms and dads to make and some traditional recipes for holiday events. ( Lots of Southern Recipes!!)
  • Organizing Tips – Organizing is the key to sanity in this over the saturated loud-techie world.

Well organizing and turning off those silly electronics once or twice a week. 🙂 

  • Design – Decorating and creating beautiful things are very dear to my heart. I consider my design style Southern Eclectic!
  • Celebration and Mindful Joy Ideas! –  I truly believe celebrating holidays, birthdays, and the little moments in life are a beautiful way to stay connected with family and friends.
  • Free Printables  I add free printables regularly and plan to a tons more in the future!
  • Self-Care Tips and Challenges (in progress)

I truly believe with organizing, planning sessions, solid daily routines, and keeping some joy in the daily drudgery of home management is a must!

With these we can stop saying NO to our kids and begin saying YES!

We can make time for what truly matters, our FAMILY!  

We can have time to be that mom we always dreamed about for our children. We can make time for baking cookies, watching the latest Wonder Pets show, finally figure out what a Pokemon is, and sit down for dinner with the family and actually enjoy it!

We can have a happy home and take care of our own health.

We can learn to say no when it depletes our resources and learn to say yes when we truly have the time and love for a school, church, or special event.

Come join us! Together we can create, plan, and do to become the moms and women we deserve to be! We can stop being the no-can-do mom and become a Momma Can Mom!