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Holiday Clean- Up Challenge 3 simple tasks

Clean You House for The Holidays Fast

Today we are traveling around our homes getting ready for holiday company.

We starting at the front door with a little tidy session, zipping around the house fighting cobwebs and doing a little every day maintenance.


Let’s Get Started:


  1. Grab a rag, some gloves and some cleaner. Whichever one works best for your front door.
  2. Whack down any cob webs lurking outside your front door, shine the door with your cleaner as well as the light fixture. And if you still have a scarecrow or a Halloween wreath hanging around now is a good time to put those away.
  3. Next, take your broom or dust rag and with an eagle’s eye go through the main parts of your home and get rid of any other lurking cobwebs. These these can really get a mother-in-laws chatter wagon going and its better to nip it in the bud before we get to busy with holiday preparations.
  4. Lastly, empty all the trash bins and the dishwasher. This is our little maintenance to keep our house running smooth as a sailboat in calm waters.

Wow, this should only take around 15 minutes if we do not get bogged down with the idea that we have to make it picky perfect.

Have an awesome momma day!


Dazzle Booster – Browse for 10 minutes only Google Images of Pinterest for fresh ways to arrange your mantel or other flat surface in your main family room for the holidays or Christmas.

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