Holiday Clean-Up Challenge Day 3 Wipeout Wednesday

Holiday Clean-Up Challenge Day 3 Wipeout  Wednesday The Bathroom

Its Wipe Out Day! Today we are going to attack the dust, grime and ickies in the bathrooms swiftly and with a smile. Come on, you can smile while you clean, just turn on you super-mom powers and exercise those face muscles. Need a boost, how about the Beach Boys my go to guys for an instant momma pick me -up. There is something about their music that makes me want to do silly dances and of course the Swim.

If you have more than two bathrooms, then just wipe-out and shine the ones your guests will be visiting during the holidays.
Let’s Get Started:

The tools


All-purpose cleaner

Glass cleaner

Microfiber towels or sponges

Magic Erasers if you have a one.

Wood cleaner if you have wooden cabinet doors

We are going to work this bathroom wipe-out shine bonanza from top to bottom. We are not going to be sidetracked by the 15 Hot-wheels Cars that suddenly appeared on the counters and floor. Let’s just put those in the corner for a 52 pick-up later on in the day.  We need to promise ourselves we are not going for perfectionism but just for a quick, company clean. They will not be having coffee and cake on the bathroom walls or in the bathtub. For the most part they will just be taking a tinkle, washing their hands and peeking in the medicine cabinet.

 Smile Check! Are you smiling? 

  1. Take your broom and whack down any spider webs or flying dust monkey trolls on the ceiling and in those high corners. 
  2. Remove all items from bathtub area, shower stall, counter tops and the toilet area.
  3. Now take your all purpose spray cleaner and spray the bathtub, shower, sinks counters, counters, sinks, and toilet. Don’t forget the scary part near the floor. If you have little boys, you know what I am talking about.
  4. While you all purpose spray is doing its job, shine the mirrors and the windows if they are easy to reach.
  5. Now, take you wood cleaner and shine the fronts of the cabinets.
  6. Now, grab that microfiber cloth or sponge and start wiping down all the area you sprayed with the multi-purpose cleaner.  Top to bottom is the best way. Left to right will really get your groove going and help you to move ore quickly.
  7. If you see any really obvious handprints or crayon marks on the walls, use the Magic Eraser or try just a damp cloth. Don’t get obsessed about the walls, we are moms, we know they we just get dirty again in a day. If your guests have children they will understand. If your guests do not have children and make a comment about the walls then just blow them a raspberry and move on with your awesome momma life. They are not worth your precious thoughts or time.
  8. Put your tools away and then put the items your removed back on the counter as neatly as you feel but try not to get side-tracked and start some crazy organizing session that will give you Holiday Stress Burnout.  The one reason we are doing this quickly, ignoring our inner momma perfectionism is to prevent Holiday Stress Burnout.

This may take more than 10 minutes. Okay, I am pretty sure it will. If you only have 10 minutes just do 2,3,5, and 8

Have a super day!

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