Simple Weekly Meal Planner for Veggie Boot Camp Just For Kids

Simple Weekly Meal Planner for Veggie Boot Camp

I needed a way to make sure I was repeating the vegetables, legumes, fruits and raw nuts for the week so my son could get use to the flavors.

I figure 5 times for each new food and then in two weeks ( after veggie camp ) I will intentionally add these healthy food choices to our meal plans.

I designed this printable with largest  boxes the paper would hold and designed it to fit in planner vertically.  It drives me crazy to have to flip my planner around to look at a calendar.  I know, I am just weird that way.

Enough of this silly chatter.

If you plan to participate in the Veggie Boot Camp this summer here is the:


 Free Printable PDF Planning Page for Weekly Meal Planning.












Happy Camping!

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  1. I’m doing a bit of a veggie boot camp myself. I tend to eat vegetables mostly over fruit, because I’m allergic, and I like to cook mine for my sensitive belly. They digest more easily. Oh brother, I sound super sensitive, huh! I’m not really…just getting older!

    1. Aww, Courtney we are all getting older.
      I am hoping to steam and cook several of Johnny’s veggie choies during the week. We just had a clean version of scallop potatoes tonight minus butter and cheese! I swear they tasted great. lol

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