100- Club The Magic of Momentum

Why one earth would someone feel so jazzed for Monday?   It’s all about momentum.

If I can take that  first step into a new week a positive attitude and get something accomplished that makes a real impact then my week just seems to move forward naturally.

The easiest first step of impact for a busy mom is picking up clutter.  After all, when we pick up our 100 pieces of clutter on Monday morning we are almost on automatic pilot.  We have a basic idea of what goes where and when we finished the house simply looks better.

But when we finish and observe our less-cluttered environment and realize how nice it looks we can use that positive feeling to energize our Monday and get things done and heaven knows if Monday is good, how awesome will Tuesday be?

So Let’s Get To It!  100 Club- Get Your Momentum all Jazzed Up with this Super Duper Tune featuring Shirley Temple singing “Animal Crackers”.  And once you listen to this tune, fight a little clutter crime you will feel the momentum to perhaps get more things done and that is pure magic moms, especially on a Monday.

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