100 Club – So Much Fun You May Walk on Sunshine- Clutter Beware


Happy Monday! Rocking Moms!

I believe we can have the best week ever in our various mommy goals.  We just have to believe in ourselves and before you know it you will be “walking on sunshine”.  I hope you have the most productive Monday you can imagine and will meet you back here tomorrow for a new challenge and new motivation to organize, declutter and make your home rock.

Check out this 80’s tune.  Corny but motivating. This song will help you reach you 100 Clutter Crime Fighting Goal in 10 minutes flat.  I truly believe it is that motivating.


let's have a simply awesome summer

We are going to have a simply awesome summer!  Letting go of clutter is just one of the many steps that make being a mom easier!
I will be posting on Facebook the minute I finished my 100 round!  Woo Hoo!  I would love the hear if you are letting go of clutter as well!




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  1. I so remember this song so well! What a uplifting song. I’ve picked up more than 100 items in the past few days.

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