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weekly plan for moms

This year we are going try something new here at Mommacan.com.  Each Monday bright and early I will be posting my personal weekly plan, I will exclude my boring job stuff and choir director details, because they only apply to very few people’s lives and that would be silly.  But in a nut shell, I am sharing my weekly plan as a mom, organizer, wife, chief home operator, accountant, decorator, part-time maid and part-time chef.  Here is the catch!  I would love to hear about your plans for the week either in a comment with a link to your blog, on the Mommacan.com facebook page or even ( gasp) Google Plus if that floats your boat.  I truly believe that sharing our goals will help reach our goals, even if the sharing is just a tiny fragment of what we do each day!

Let’s Get Started:

Organize:  My office desktop has been a wreck for a couple of weeks not due to an ignored filled inbox and a things that simple need to be filed or put in their proper place. This week I am gong to tackle my desk and finish up my 3 Minutes Per Day Pantry Clean -up an Update.

Clean- I am pledging a 15 minute solid cleaning slot each day this week on top of my daily duties.  Sometimes, the idea of cleaning each room can seem overwhelming to me and I feel I can commit pretty readily to 15 minutes.  Who knows? I maybe be able to carve out more time as the week progress and this becomes a practice of love for my home and not an ugly chore on the TO DO list.

Cook- I am cooking all of the family meals this week excluding choir night.  It is a time sucker with busy after school schedules but eating at home with a planned meal list of healthy meats, vegetables and fruits is a healthier and more economical way to live.

Move- I have really kept up with my exercise plan since posting each Monday.  This week I am back to Curves for the Jillian Michaels’ work out twice this week, pone run on Tuesday night, walking every day and working on those push-ups.

Educate – This week we are requiring little Guy to practice his musical instruments 5 days a week or more for at least 10 minutes on each instrument.  It is not easy, he like every other little kid in the world, is overwhelmed by a system that has taken away the arts and created an uninspiring system of learning how to take a Big Test at the end of the year.  Okay, maybe not every school is like that, but all the public ones here seem to be these days.

Dream –  This week I am making a list for day trips that are within driving distance. I am thinking pretty hills early in the morning drenched the pinks and oranges of a California sunrise and whispering purples, reds and indigo blues of a beach sunset.  I am hoping to learn how to use my camera with a little help from a self-teaching guide and lots and lots of beginners luck.

Okay! It is your turn!  Anything planned for the week!  Are you a coupon clipper or saver? I am always thinking of starting this and would love to hear feedback on that subject?

The sky is the limit! It is a brand new week.

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  1. This week I plan on making the rest of the wek menu, and get my budgeting together. Things feel behind when my son fell ill but we’re back into the swing of things now.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kalley. It is really difficult to catch up on homemaking duties during illnesses and good for you working on that budget. We can all use some budget time, myself included.

  2. It’s busy month with craftshows, so I’m trying to prepare for those and get things taken care of Valentines day as it will be here before you know it and I wont’ have the kids stuff ready.

  3. My goal for the week is to organize the children’s bookshelf. It’s simply chaos over there!

  4. I am a long time couponer. A good coupon organizer is a must to keep organized and reduce the amount of time spent.

  5. This week I will be doing some spring cleaning for chinese new year. Finishing up some books to read, clear up the pantry before the long weekend which starts on Thursday afternoon. (The kids are off till next tuesday!!)

  6. My goal for the week is to stay warm,get through the week posting one blog post a day and get some comments on my posts.

  7. My goals for the week are to exercise at least six days, clean out our closet (It needs help) and the rest of the bedroom too, sew a skirt and sew a bag. That’s a lot. I need some sleep in there too.

  8. My plan for the week is to get some me time! (How much time do I have to spend on this page to get the comment to get through?! It’s driving me crazy!)

    1. omg, I will fix that. lol There was some kind of crazy spam last week and I was trying every thing in the world to get them to stop.

  9. I do use coupons to save my family money on basic necessities and for food that I buy. I started really using coupons late last year and love finding awesome savings.

    You sound like you have a busy week planned.

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