Holiday Shine Challenge Day 16 – Election Chat and Clutter

Holiday Shine Challenge – We are cleaning, decluttering and shining up our homes for the Holiday Season.  Halloween is all finished, next up is Thanksgiving in Momma’s house.

What big events are happening in your home this November?  Here in that United States we are right at our big election day. Soon we will find out who will be in office as Commander in Chief for four years.  It is a pretty big deal and it is worth taking a little time with our children to explain the voting process.

An excellent read for your children is Dan Gutman’s Election A Kids Guide to Picking Our President.  He is a very popular children’s author and has written a big hits for the lower grades in the Weird School Series.

I highly recommend any of Dan Gutman’s children’s books.

On with the show!

Holiday Shine Challenge: So simple you will want to do it three times!

It is Monday moms and here at Mommacan.com we fight clutter crime. This is especially important during the holiday season when guest can walk in that door at any given moment.

So let’s get to it: Set your timers for 10 minutes and pick up and put away as much clutter as you can.  I am making it my personal goal this week to declutter in each room of the house for 10 to 15 minutes.

Want to see my progress?  Well, it will be might embarrassing laying out the truth before photos.  However, I am a team player so I will do it and just laugh at the whole mess and praise and reward myself with the MESS is gone.

Happy Monday Moms! (and any dads who would like to hang out and fight clutter as well)

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