Nosy Neighbors and Snoopy Relatives In Your Kitchen

Holiday Shine Challenge 2012, Day 16, The Kitchen Drawers!

We just happen to be hanging out in the kitchen today.  So if you have a kitchen cleaning playlist now would be a good time to pump up the volume on those  groovy tunes.
Nosy neighbors and relatives might need a spoon or fork for their coffee or pie and will make themselves at home immediately by going through every kitchen drawer in the room before they think of simply asking you,  “May I have a spoon?”.

Well, have you looked in your kitchen drawers lately?

For some reason mine always end up with bread crumbs, gum wrappers, paper clips, and an occasional lego or Beyblade.  Then of course there are those annoying dust bunnies and an occasional baby spider. I do clean them out once every few months but the clutter and crud always come back. I am pretty sure there is reason why my family chooses to butter their toast over an open kitchen drawer, but the reason truly escapes me.

Let’s Get Started:

Microfiber cloths or rags
All Purpose Cleaner
Rubber gloves ( just in case you may have a spider or other tiny critter)

  1. Working on the room going left to right empty a drawer. Clean the drawer and any containers such as flatware caddies.
  2. Dry the drawer and replace the items.
  3. Move on to the next drawer.
  4. Stop when you have reached 10 minutes or 4 favorite tunes on your stereo or mp3 player and then put away your tools.
  5. If you have a junk drawer give it a quick glance for any items that may cause tongues to wag or that may cause danger to young visitors.
  6. Make sure, if you do have young visitors that knives are put up high and preferably have a child safety lock. Nosy neighbors and relatives may be to busy snooping to notice their child is carving the turkey with a bread knife.  We are all about safety, her a Mommcan.com.

If you did not finish this challenge do a little bit more over the weekend.

Tomorrow we are going to be working on kitchen shelves and the pantry so don’t put away your groovy kitchen tunes just yet.

Its the Holiday Shine Challenge!  We are  getting our homes and hearts ready for the holiday season1

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